There is no reliable data on the time of the first discovery of medicinal properties of sources of Gornja Trepca. This spa center became known after the discovery of radioactivity in its waters, when it received the title of Atomic Spa. In 1977 Gornja Trepca was officially declared a natural spa. Spa was formed along the main street length of 300 m. There were built small houses, a few shops was opened and market was moderated. It is planned to establish a center for the rehabilitation of patients with damaged central and peripheral nervous system. Natural health service sanatorium Gornja Trepca is organized by medical center of Serbia.

Gornja- Trepca Hotel
Gornja- Trepca Hotel

Geographical position

Gornja Trepca is located in the central part of Serbia, in south-western Sumadija or in the northern part of Cacak-Kraljevo basin. Altitude of Spa is 460 m. From Cacak is situated at 18 km, and from the road Cacak-Kraljevo, to the north of 8.5 km and is easily accessible. Surrounded by mountains Vujan and Bukovik and is characterized by a pleasant microclimate with little precipitation, a considerable number of clear days, accentuated insolation in the summer months, well sheltered from northern winds and the freshness of the air that comes from the surrounding forested mountain slopes.

Healing water springs

Gornja Trepca There has three sources of mineral water. Tap water for drinking is full of hydrocarbon, alkaline-earth metal, silicon hypothermia. Its temperature was 26 ° C, a yield of 0.4 l / s. Water with cooler or the upper basin, in its composition has the hydrocarbon, alkaline earth metal, boron-silicon hypothermia. The temperature of the water is 30 ° C, a yield of 15.5 l / s. Water of warmer or bottom pool, in its chemical composition has the hydro-carbonated, alkaline earth metal, cesium hypothermal of 30.5 ° C and the yield of 2,5 l / s. Yield of all the springs of Gornja Trepca is 20.8 l / s or 1.200 l / m.

Atomic spa Gornja Trepca
Atomic spa Gornja Trepca

Water of all sources in spa resort Gornja Trepca, is of the same origin and similar chemical composition. The reaction is 7.4-7.5, and can be described as neutral with a tendency towards a weak basic type. Such a characteristic indicates the absence of the influence of the acidity in the human body, either in a positive or in a negative sense. Water analysis indicates the largest presence of magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium in terms of cation, or hydrogen carbonate, sulphate and chloride in terms of the anion. Water with small proportions of other minerals comprises a plurality of importance for the therapy of certain diseases, injuries, and disorders of the human body. The curative water of Gornja Trepca, has a low mineralization, which applies to almost all macro components in it. From this exceptions are remarkably increased contents of carbonic acid, magnesium and a moderate level of calcium. Characterized by the total absence of iron and sulfuric acid, with only slight sulphate present. Medicinal components are macro- and sodium calcium and trace elements potassium, lithium, rubidium, strontium, barium, copper, cobalt, phosphorous, fluorine, manganese, with the high levels of the cesium, which indicates the natural radioactivity.

Atomic Spa - Gornja Trepca indications, treatment and prevention of disease

In Gornja Trepca therapy is done by drinking water, bathing and mud wraps. Multi-day therapy lasts for 20-30 minutes. Water to drink as instructed by a doctor, and mud is made of ground located near the sources and used heated for 30 minutes. Spa water and mud are used to treat multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, rheumatism and gastritis. It is contraindicated for the weight of heart disease. Complexed medical indications of Gornja Trepca include rheumatic diseases - chronic inflammatory rheumatism (Behterev's disease and rheumatoid arthritis), degenerative rheumatism (arthrosis, spondylosis and spondylartrosis, discopathy), extra articular rheumatism (myofibrositis, fibrositis, panniculitis, tendinitis, psychogenic rheumatism), then neuropsychiatric disorders, such as multiple sclerosis, a condition after myocardial myelitis and encephalomyelitis, spinal arachnitis, post-traumatic conditions, cerebral palsy and neuritizam. It is possible to treat gastrointestinal tract diseases (gastritis, peptic ulcer, functional disorder of the stomach), or peripheral vascular disease. Natural sanatorium Gornja Trepca has a well-equipped laboratory, infirmary with pools and tubs for therapy. Visitors can use the existing bungalows, guesthouses Zdravljak, Atomic Flower, Fontana and Raspberries, as well as rooms in private homes.


Gornja- Trepca atomic spa

Environment of Gornja Trepca

Near the atomic Spa is the church of Sv. Virgin Mary, which was built in 1894 and is under state protection. Guests can visit the nearby monastery Vujan from the XIV century. After a stay in Gornja Trepca tourists are directed towards Preljina, an important traffic intersection in this part of Serbia. At the exit of Preljine the intersection to the south, the road over the bridge on the Western Morava leads to Cacak.

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