Whether you come to Skiathos by plane, car or bus, you will first see the vast sandy beaches – Kukunaries, Vromolimos, Ambelakia and many others. This place is a combination of beautiful and luxurious.

If luxury is considered the beauty of nature, even 66 beaches, six beaches that are carriers of blue flag, natural shade, the smell of pine trees and oleander, then Skiathos is one of the most luxurious islands of Greece.

It can be reached by ferry from Volos, the price is about 15 euros and the journey takes about two and a half hours, but it is certainly exciting to arrive by plane. The runway on which you are  landing is very short and located by the sea and the landing is an adventure, but also a paradise for lovers of good pictures because this is an opportunity to create magical photos.

The greatest number of sandy beaches is concentrated on the southern coast. They are well sheltered from the north wind Meltemi and are mostly positioned in the small bays above which hills rise, covered with pine trees. You do not have to go far to find the sandy bay – there are all over the place (as the tourists) and the paved road  leads to all of them.

In the background of some beaches, hotels were built, while others are more difficult to find and less crowded. Almost every beach has a deep sand, shallow sea and tourist attractions.

Lalaria – Turquoise without Photoshop

Lalaria-the beach on the north eastern side of Skiathos, you may already have it as the background of your phone or computer, and  you are not even aware of. If you have not already set it as wallpaper, this is likely to change after your stay in Skiathos. Nature is on this beach pretty much played with Photoshop and put all the other beaches in the shade. However, to the disappointment of all those present, the beach is not accessible by land.

We were sorry to call this beach ‘excursion beach”, because of its beauty, but it is a fact that we can´t rebut.

How to reach the Lalaria?

Lalaria can only be reached by sea. In the port city of Skiathos is anchored large number of excursion boats that organize trips to Lalaria. It would be the best to inquire at several places, as prices and excursion programs know to vary.

You should pay special attention to the wind. If the wind blows it can happen that a boat could not dock at the beach for your own safety. Therefore, it is best to look at the weather forecast before you buy tickets for the trip.

Another important thing is the time of the trip. Choose the earlier terms in order to have the opportunity to enjoy the beach and take the pictures until the crowd.

Interesting stories about the beach

Lalaria beach is characterized by white rocks and stones because of which the sea  has a milky turquoise color, causing delight in everyone there.

Another interesting thing you can see on this beach is Tripia Petra, the rock that formed the arc, which is a sea gate of the beach. Legend has it that this is a magical gates. Those who pass through the floating gate receives as a gift an eternal youth. Now that we have discovered the secret, do not throw money on Botox and anti-aging creams, but go to the Lalaria.

Lalaria beach – Skiathos

Once you’ve made yourself younger by swimming, it is time for a short walk along the beach. Since we are all spoiled on the sandy beaches of Skiathos, for the rocky Lalaria, you will need flip-flops, slippers or any other footwear for water.

There are no restaurants, water sports, internet signal, lounge chairs, umbrellas and showers at this beach. Do you know how old Greek adage says: “Internet signal, turquoise and eternal youth do not go together.”

Koukounaries Beach – the largest beach on Skiathos

Koukounaries Beach is the beautiful spacious beach, which is in the same time the region in the southwest of the island of Skiathos. Her name in Greek means the cone and that word ideally describes the beach as it is surrounded by pine trees.

Beach Koukounaries Skiathos – How to get there?

The beach is, fortunately for all those who do not like walking, accessible from the main road. If you use public transportation, get off at the last stop and there you are!

Interesting facts about the beach Koukounaries

When you are already headed to the beach on your left, there is a national nature park and lake Strofilia, which is naturally associated with the sea. Koukounaries, despite the fact that is among the top 10 the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, is a nature reserve with numerous protected plant species. Because of the commitment of local government and environmental groups preservation of the island, Koukounaries has a blue flag.

Koukounaries is the beach that will stimulate your senses guaranteed!

The smell of pine forest, which is constantly present in the air, is just one of the things which is characteristic for Koukounaries until black or white swans walk in the picture.

That is not the end of surprises that Koukounaries beach has to offer. Characteristic of this beach, which impresses everyone is sparkly sand, which literally shimmers in the water.

Hungry and thirsty on the beach Kukunaries?

Since the Koukounaries is long beach, it is rich in amenities such as bars and taverns. From the offer on the beach we recommend you “Beach Bar Thalassa” and “Kahlua Beach Bar”.

Thalassa is itself stands out due it is at the very beginning of the beach. If you had one too many gyros, I suggest you to dine in Thalassi.

Koukounaries beach Skiathos
Koukounaries beach Skiathos

The menu is quite various, so that in addition to standard meals have rice, pasta and excellent salads. We would recommend you our favorite – Thalassa salad. However, there is one small catch, every season is different.

So if it happens that on the menu is Thalassa salad with salmon, you must try it!

Kahlua is a little different, according to a group of people who are attracted to. The bar is almost at the other end of the beach and adapted for young people. If you’re in the mood for a cocktail, do not hesitate – they are great!

A few more useful information

If you were to rest in peace and quiet, away from the crowds and clamor, I suggest you to skip Kukunaries that day, but not pass it up.

It is ideal for sports, since it has enough space for play, unless it’s too crowded on the beach.

If you do not want to return by bus to the accommodation facilities, there is a boat that goes to the port of Skiathos. The price is a bit different than the price of bus tickets, but pleasure and comfort are far greater.

Send your impressions and comments! What do you like the best on the beach and what not? If you decide to swim at Kukunaries, see you there!

Bananistas – Synonymous with fun

Banana Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Skiathos. One of the reasons it is so popular with young people, are the famous parties that last almost until midnight.

If you are wondering where the crowd of young people  that are on the last bus station is going – the reply is to the beach Banana! Banana offers you the ideal combination: a beautiful sandy beach, water sports, great party and fascinating sunset.

How to get to Bananas?

As already mentioned, by getting off at the last bus stop. You will see a small shop located next to the road leading to Ampelaki and Bananas. You’ll need about 15 minute walk to the final destination.

When you hear the music, you will know that you are in the right place.

Banana Beach – A paradise for photographers

First of all it is important to note that the banana is not characterized only by party! Since it is located on the west side of the island, you can enjoy perhaps the most beautiful sunsets on the island! So, bring your camera to capture the moment!

If not for the party, you can be placed on another part of the beach which is a lot quieter. Or even on the nudist beach – Minor Banani, which is located in a separate part of the beach. So, beaches in every sense really offers everything for everyone!

On the beach there are deck chairs and umbrellas, but no one stopping you from using your own.

There are also catering facilities on the beach where you can drink or eat something from a varied menu.

Banana beach Skiathos
Banana beach Skiathos

Bananistas – A synonym for a good party

Good atmosphere is felt more at the entrance to the beach. Many young people, phenomenal music, positive atmosphere and great staff contribute to the great image of the beach. At the bar, in addition to phenomenal refreshing cocktails, you can snack something delicious.

If you stay until the end of the party, and did not come by car, make sure you secure your place on the bus to return to the center of Skiathos. Crowds at the station can be very overwhelming. It is better to return a bit earlier on than to stay without transportation.

Share your impressions and comments with everyone! If the Banana beach is your choice, we’ll see you at the party!

Ayia Eleni – Paradise for hedonists

Ayia Eleni is a beautiful beach located on the west side of the island of Skiathos. It is known for the most beautiful sunset on the island.

If you have decided to visit Skiathos, in addition to rest you would like to have fun on the beach, do not miss Ayia Eleni!

How to reach the beach Ayia Eleni?

The beach is 14km away from the city center. If you travel by public transportation, get off at the stop (25). It is less than ten minutes of walk on paved road, but the walking in this case, definitely is worth it!

About the beach and amenities

The beach is named after the namesake church, which is located nearby. Tucked away in the green pine trees that surround it, with a view to the mountains of Pelion in the distance.

In front of the beach bar there are deck chairs and umbrellas that you can rent. It is desirable to wake up early so you can take a good place.

There are also two bars where you can refresh and eat something. One of the bars is Ayia Eleni Summer Beach Bar, which, apart from chairs, refreshments and food, is the largest contributor in creating a good atmosphere on the beach. Light summer sounds in the beautiful setting of this bar will certainly not leave you indifferent!

If you like water sports, you are at the right place. On the beach there is a center for water sports, which provided a variety of activities for those who want to have fun on the water. In addition to skiing, banana rides and tires, there are less extreme activities. You can find here a detailed offer of water sports in Ayia Eleni Center.

Ayia Eleni beach Skiathos
Ayia Eleni beach Skiathos

For those who want to stay on land,  there is a volleyball net on the beach. We could see who is better, and those who lose are buying drinks at the bar.

Also, if it is relevant, there is a toilet, shower and changing room that you can use on the beach.

Why Beach Ayia Eleni?

In addition to Banana, Ampelakia, Vromolimnos is considered one of the “more urban” beach. If you want to have fun during the day and enjoy the sunset and water sports, beach Ayia Eleni is for you!

We can say that the daily party on the beach Ayia Eleni  is good reason to do come back to this beach for several times during your summer !

Krifi Ammous - Turquoise and smell of wild oregano

Krifi Ammous (Krifi Ammous) is one of the most beautiful beaches on the north-western side of the island of Skiathos, which attracts primarily those who are willing to walk to the end to enjoy its beauty until sunset. Krifi Ammous translates into a hidden sand, in what you can make sure if you bring a diving mask!

How to get to the beach Krifi Amos?

The path to the beach is visibly marked, a little hard for those who are not willing to walk. Get off at number 25, set off the road to the beach Ayia Eleni and at the turn you will encounter on the board that will directly refer to Krifi Ammous.

Walk about 20 minutes, but every second is precious and worth photographing. Access to the beach is the next thing that you can deduct if you have an adventurous spirit, it is steep and not well regulated! But what awaits you there, satisfy all your senses! The smell of wild oregano and sea in the air allure you to get down to the beach and spend the whole day there. If you decide to get down to the beach, make sure you have the proper shoes for each case.

About the beach and amenities on the beach

Beach Krifi Ammous is because of their "availability" and fewer tourists, managed to preserve its natural beauty. The beach is sandy, while in the shallow there are large stones. Since the beach has natural shade, it's best to rent a parasol or to seek shade in the tavern, which is located on the beach.

Taverna lying there completely fits into the natural environment. In the tavern you can have a drink or a bite to eat something on the menu that is located on a small, almost unnoticeable piece of paper pinned on a pillar.

The tavern has a large selection of food, but the food is excellent! Be sure to try the saganaki and tzaziki!

For whom is Krifi Ammous

This beach is entirely for those who want to relax and take a break from technology, so there is no internet signal on this beach.

The beach is not suitable for people with small children because of the steep path leading to the beach. Also another aggravating fact is that there is no showers and changing rooms on this beach.

If you are interested in sports activities, we will have to disappoint you, they're gone!

Now probably say summary: no internet, sports facilities, not for children, no showers, cabins and walks more than to the other beaches and ask yourself why you should visit this beach?

You've given the answer to yourself that is why! The beauty of the beach and its surroundings, is what you should not deny to yourself when you stay on the island of Skiathos !

After you charge the batteries on Krifi Ammous, in return you can go to the beach Ayia Eleni and with summer sounds and refreshing cocktails to enjoy the most beautiful sunset on the island!

If you are ready to fully enjoy the enjoyment of nature, Krifi Ammous is an ideal choice for you! Contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions! Leave a comment and upload your impressions from the beach with everyone! If you want to share your itinerary in the form of the article, please contact us!

Elias Beach - Zen corner of the island of Skiathos

Elias is a beautiful, quiet beach on the north-western side of the island of Skiathos. It is located between the beach and the Mandraki Agistros. For them, the characteristic is that there is no hustle and bustle as well as on other beaches that stretch along the main road.

How to get to the beach Elias

For all three beaches applies the same rule, since there is no direct public transport lines that will lead you to the beach.

Thus, the station 23 if you use public transport, then you are forced to walk through the woods.

At the station you will see the market on whose left side is the trail. If you go this path on your right you will see the villa Mary Angela. After a few meters away you will see the path on the left that takes you into the forest. Follow the road until you see a chain-link fence and a couple of steps to guide you through alleys figs to the road where is the board that directs you to the beaches of Mandraki and Elias Agistros.

There is another way of Agia Eleni. However, we do not advise you to go there by foot because it is longer and there is no shade. Another reason is that cars are passing through and raise a huge stir. The reason to come this way on foot is that if you are a photographer who wants to make a fabulous photo.

If you have car you can reach the beach this way.

Interests and activities on the beach

The beach is quiet and there is no organized sports facilities. You can relax away from the crowds with a refreshing drink in Mandraki-Elias bar located right on the beach. Of course, there are beach chairs and umbrellas that you can rent.

What is characteristic for this side of the island are bigger waves when the wind blows. If you are not a fan of large waves, pay attention to the strength of the wind before venturing to the beach.

If you have any questions, contact us and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible. Also, do not forget to share your impressions from your holiday with everyone.

Diamandi - Relaxation Center of Skiathos

At about 7km from the city of Skiathos is what you have dreamed of - a small paradise for relaxation away from the crowds and clamor. The Diamandi beach is real intact jewel of the island of Skiathos.

How to get to the beach Diamanda

The beach is located on the peninsula of Kalamaki, on the opposite side of the beach Kanapica. If you are not a fan of extreme walking, better cancel it. However, if your images still convince you to go to the beach Diamandi, our advice is to take a boat. If you went by land, city bus or car, let the landmark for you be a station No.13.

Once you have got off at the station refer to the panel that says Diamandi Beach Bar and begin the gentle string "path". The path to the beach is troublesome, therefore, be equipped with adequate footwear. Therefore, we encourage families with children to get a boat or to go to the other beaches that appropriate for children and their needs.

Facilities at the beach and sightseeing

If you're expecting skiing, crowd and loud music, you are in the wrong place. When we say Diamandi, think peace, relaxation and enjoyment in the nature. If this is what you are looking for then we strongly recommend that you visit Diamandi. It will absolutely fulfill all your expectations.

The beach has a more intimate atmosphere, no crowds and it is perfect if you want to relax, leave all your worries behind and enjoy the outdoors.

But that's not all. If you swim behind the wall on the right you will get in the area of ​​untouched nature and beautiful beaches Delfiniki, which has no content. You can possibly find a boat that is anchored, though that is rare.

The sea is crystal clear, but it happens to be the leaves, due to the lush vegetation surrounding the beach.

If you are already alleviation on this beach, contact us and share your impressions, which are eager, with everyone!

Vasilias - Royal Beach

Vasilias is the sandy beach, which is located at 3km from the town of Skiathos. It is divided by an invisible barrier on the Great and Small Vasilias. Beach were awarded with the Blue Flag, which means that cleanliness must be satisfactory to the standards.

How to reach the beach Vasilias

The beach can be reached by foot, car or public transport. If you opt for public transport,  you are getting off at the stations 6 and 7. As for walking, it will take you about 20 minutes.

Interests and activities on the beach

On the left side (closer to town) is Mali Vasilias. Logically, the right side (closer to the beach Ahladies) is Great Vasilias. The name means king Vasilias. But we are still not clear why it was Vasilias Royal Beach. Allegedly, at the time of the Byzantine Empire was selected for royalty holiday.

Small Vasilias is a lot calmer that the Great Vasiljas beach. According to that,  the content and organization is better on the great beach.

On the great beach there are available deck chairs and umbrellas in large numbers and service center for water sports. But the beach is not as developed as other popular beaches.

Nearby is the large number of hotels, and one of the most famous hotels on the island - Kassandra Bay.

The beach is rarely crowded, basically the choice of pensioners or people with children.

If you got burned the previous day, maybe Vasilias is an ideal choice for you. If nothing prevents you to visit other beaches, we recommend that you do not dwell on the beach Vasilias.

We all agree that the beach is prettier than many Greek beaches outside the Skiathos, but on Skiathos other beaches carry that title.

TIP: If you are looking for peace and quiet and yet to be close to the city, come to Vasilias.

Ten days is not enough to visit all the sandy beaches of the southern part of the island, but the rocky coves of the northern part of Skiathos and therefore need to plan your vacation well. Or indulge your senses and intuition because whatever beach you choose in this charming, small island, you will not go wrong. All of them are gems in the vast turquoise sea.

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