Beer and Prague are two inseparable things, and for many the first association to Prague is Czech beer and the best brewery in Prague. Good beer speaks a common language that everyone understands, and if it is packed in an interesting ambience, success is guaranteed. It was the Prague pubs that are ideal example of a successful business and fusion of modern and traditional, foreign and domestic, but also fun and breather at the same time. It would seem that the pubs and the good mood are ideal tandem for each party trip.

Breweries are tourist attraction

Who did not visit any of Prague pubs it is as they were not in Prague. They represent not only the places where you eat well and drink but also the cultural and tourist attractions. Each of them has its own history, its tradition and its beer stores on its own recipe, which you will not find elsewhere.

Beer on every step

What you should know is that beer in the Czech Republic can be found absolutely everywhere, from the default pubs and brewery across the bars and restaurants, to places where serves delicious breakfast, where you can also order the highest quality Czech beer from early morning.

Breweries in Prague can be found on every corner, and almost everyone will be satisfied with the service and ambience. However, some brewery are more popular than others, and that is usually a reason for the good recommendation. While one major asset is location in Prague, other environment, the third provider, the fourth large variety of beers, for all it is a common quality of beer that you can get.

Bottled beer, draft beer, Czech beer and local beer from Prague, as well as foreign brands of beer are available in a Czech pub, and it is up to you to decide where to drink in Prague is. where you sit down to rest and refresh yourself from visiting the city.

Beer Production
Beer Production

The best brewery in Prague

In Vejvod

In Vejvod is located a typical Czech pub that is known not only for its authentic interior but also for its excellent draft Plzen light and Velikopovickom dark beer as well as a good Czech and international cuisine. It is located in the southest part of the city so it is very easy to get there.

The first written records of the building where this brewery was located are dating back to 1403 years. In its place in the sixteenth century was a brewery “At Golias” which was named after its owner, Matouši Coliasovi.

At the beginning of XVII century the entire building is going through a Renaissance reconstruction whereupon its enlargement and the adjacent building. In the middle of the same century building gets a Baroque coat of arms placed above the entrance door.

Undoubtedly one of the most important events related to this pub was 1717 years and the purchase of this building from the mayor of the Old Prague, Vaclav Vejvoda, on whose behalf the brewery to this day bears the name.

BreweryU Vejvodu
BreweryU Vejvodu

The complex consists of restaurants with 320 seats, lounge with 20 seats and beer hall 60 seats. Here you can taste the best Czech beers such as GANBRINUS, PISLNER, I VELKOPOPOVICKI KOZEL, priced at 33 crowns for a pint of 0.5. For gourmets it is available a wide selection of Czech and international dishes from 80 crowns.

At Flek

At Flek is one of the most famous and oldest brewery in Europe. The first written records of it date from the late fifteenth century (1499). This is the only brewer in Central Europe, where the beer was made for more than 500 years.

The entire complex consists of eight rooms that each in its own way reflects some period of their history. The most famous is a hall “Academy”, which was a meeting place for famous personalities of Czech culture, then “Vaclavka” famous for its colorful stained glass, “Jitrnice” furnished in the Gothic style, while “Knight” hall is in the romantic spirit.

Brewery U Fleku
Brewery U Fleku

The entire complex for 1200 people 2,000 pints of beer a day over are being sold. In addition to domestic beer, this brewery offers excellent cuisine with famous Czech specialties.

As a rarity, visitors can see two cannonball located in the supporting walls of the buildings, which date from the 30-years war and they are “memories” of the conquerors.

In Flek is located at Křemencova 11 in the center of Prague, Prague 1.

Malostranska brewery

Malostranska brewery is like the name says on the Malojoj side precisely at Kampi, near the Charles Bridge and the Museum of France Kafky at Cihelná 3, Praha 1. This is a classic Old Czech pub that offers a wide selection of dishes from domestic as well as excellent Czech beers such as Pilsner and Velikopopovic kozla.

The building in which this brewery is located today dates from 1664 and was built on the place of the former torture chambers. Kat profession was not very appreciated in the medieval Prague, they were not recognized for all civil rights, they could not serve in the army or perform some jobs in the administration. Building has been neglected so that the city council at the beginning of the nineteenth century order that owner of that building to reconstruct it.There lived and died in 1996 old Czech art celebrity Anna Masaryková.

Malostranska Brewery
Malostranska Brewery

2008 after a major reconstruction of the building “Lesser PUBS” moves in, which remained there to this day. The complex consists of pub, salon, smoking rooms with a total capacity of nearly 300 seats, and a summer terrace with 200 seats. The visitor has a wide selection of dishes both Czech and international cuisine. Pub would not be pub if it does not offer the best Czech beers such as Pilsner and Velikopopovic kozla.

The restaurant has the right to use in its name The Schweik restaurant and its logos and emblems.

At Medvidk

At Medvidk – not far from the mentioned brewery At Flek, slightly to the north however, there is a pub At Medvidk, which began its work back in 1466, which is due to the turbulent past of the late 19th century closed, then reopened, and after the period of socialist Czechoslovakia the country returned to owners completely renovated the pub, restaurant and hotel. The mini brewery within the brewery At Medvedík they produce an unique beer OLD-GOTT.

Brewery At Medvidk is also in the Prague 1 district, in the street Na Perštýně 7.

Výtopna brewery

It is a modern pub, a unique concept. Although the exact opposite of the mentioned pub At Flek and At Medvidk, if we consider the fact that it was originally created in 2009, some 500 years later, an interesting concept with the motive of railways that allows your beer to be delivered by real miniature train makes Výtopna pub very interesting and alluring.

This pub is located at two locations in Prague: Wenceslas 802/56 and Nám. 1 Republiky (shopping center Palladium).

The pub

The Pub – another modern pub based in Prague, which does not look like the classic Czech pub, there is something interesting that brings many tourists. Sufficient proof is the fact that there are 5 The Pub pubs in Prague and in other cities of the Czech Republic, and even in several other countries. Their own beer for their own table is their characteristic.

The Pub in Prague 1 district, is located at Veleslavínova 3, and at other locations in the city.

Beer Museum Pub

This pub is literally Beer Museum. The Beer Museum Pub is a pub in Prague with most types of beer on tap, as many as 30 species! If you want to experiment especially with less or more known types and brands of beer, Pub Beer Museum in Prague is the place for you! Beer Museum Pub is located at two sites: Dlouhá 46, Prague 1, Namesti Miru, US 341/43.

The Pinkas Pub

In Pinkas is certainly not the cheapest, but certainly for the ordinary Pragues available legendary pub In Pinkas, which is located on Jungmann market. Here Plzeň beer is poured, bigger for 45 crowns. On the menu is, among others, homemade sausages, pork shank, grilled chicken wings or ribs. Or specialties that goes with beer, such as crackling spread, marinated cheese, and a lot of similar things.

Pub has a long tradition – 1843, they brought the tailor Jacob Pinkasu two barrels of Plzen beer. He offered it to fellow citizens who was on the market Jungmann, and soon left the tailoring and opened a pub. The inn has repeatedly changed its name, but always worked in the same place.

At Prince: Across the street from the old town hall with the famous Astronomical Clock – Orloj – pub At Prince is located in the old Gothic building, whose basement remains have been found from the period of Romanticism.

This pub is brings mainly foreign tourists to watch the procession of the twelve apostles, which is repeated on Orloje every hour. In the summer all tables in front of the pub are filled up for 30 minutes before the hour, and already five minutes past the hour onlookers disperse, and newcomers have little more than a quarter of an hour of time to catch a seat at the table. The brewery has about 70 seats in the summer for outdoor tables around the table and pours r Prazdroj 12 °beer.

Favorite Prague local brewery

Although citizens of Prague come into all of the mentioned brewery, thanks to their quality, interesting topic and popularity, there are places where they prefer to go, in order to take shelter from a huge rush of tourists and potential inability during the season, as the hosts themselves to  come to the table. If you wonder where locals prefer to go for a pint of beer or food, since most pubs are restaurants too, these are less known to tourists but still favorite brewery:

  1. KOZLOVNA - Lidická 20, Prag 5.
  2. V CIPU - V Cípu 834/2, Prag 1.
  3. TLUSTA KOALA - Senovážná 8, Prag 1.
  4. POTREFENA HUSA - Dlážděná 1003/7, Prag 1.
  5. JAMA PUB - V Jámě 7, Prag 1.
  6. KAVARNA VELRYBA – Opatovicka 156/24, Prag 1.

A summary of these fabulous pubs and restaurants should facilitate the search for respite, for all those who are tired of touring the sights of Prague during a party trip. Night life can be tedious, so the traditional pubs in Prague, as well as those more modern or interest, an ideal option to reload and continue a great time in Prague!

About the Czech Republic and its beers

Czech beer in the earliest days until today has become a world-famous beer, which produces a large number of breweries in the Czech Republic which have become world-famous for a variety of criteria: for their taste, type, quality, color and history. It's not at all surprising considering that the famous one: "To be the best in something you have to and you do.", Which confirms the fact that the Czech Republic is today a country that drinks the most liters of beer per year per person, which per capita is about 156 liters of beer per year.

Czechs love their beer, and they want for others to love it, it is precisely because their beer industry flourished, especially export to the US market. But that's another story.

Czech beer industry produces the most light and premium Czech beer (4% and 5% alcohol) on which they have become known in the world. This was especially contributed by Urquell Pilsner beer that was first brewed pils famous golden color in the world, the Czech Republic before, like today, produced a dark beer, while their production is a significant rise.

The reason that Czech beer has acquired the reputation of the best in the world, have been somewhat weaker volume production in the previous period, in which there was no room for pasteurized beer, which has almost to every Czech beer gave good quality and unique flavor. However, when pasteurization of beer started in the Czech Republic, the quality is not decreased and the development of the industry is able to move only in one direction - streight.

The importance of hops for beer production

Of course, the background of success in the Czech is not brewed unpasteurized beer but it is more agricultural conditions for growing hops, which is an integral part of the beer and the use of hmeljaza brewing in Bohemia, there are no records from the 9th century AD. How important is the hops it is evidenced by the decision of Bohemian kings of this period to impose the death penalty to anyone caught exporting hops.

Start of development of the beer industry

First, there was a prohibition by the Pope to dispense the beer production, which should be used only for personal use, and after its abolition comes to the beginnings of the development of the Czech beer industry, creating smaller central breweries to take on the initial production process, after which each member of the brewery in his house finished fermentation and production.

Beer Production

The first brewery in the Czech Republic

The first small brewery in the Czech Republic was formed in 1118, which is considered as the beginning of organized production of Czech beer. At a later stage the production of beer in the Czech Republic is somewhat stagnated and was often exploited by the invaders, and once the best Czech beer producers were sent to Mexico to teach the Mexicans how to hail a beer, or make huge amounts of beer given as compensation for "not devastation " ofCzech territory, such as the Swedes.

Wake up of Czech beer traditions

From the movement of "national awakening" in the 19th century, the beer industry is reviving and making it through the Pilsner Urquell brewery in 1842, and applying new techniques to use beer.

Communism has been awaken the cult of beer in the Czech Republic due to the fact that the beer was very cheap during communism, because it is literally served to maintain social peace in the Czech Republic, claiming that everyone has to ensure that it can not afford beer.

The most famous Czech beer

Tourists who decide to travel to the Czech Republic, whether it comes to New Year's Eve in Prague, whether it's a short-term quick trip to Prague, mostly want to know which are the most famous Czech beer, as they are probably one and the best. To some extent this is and is not true, but in any case, in addition to numerous small beer producers whose products can sample the exquisite pub in Prague and its surroundings, however, are the most popular Czech beer:

  1. Pilsner Urquell - One of the most important and famous breweries in the world comes from the Czech Republic, but it is a Pilsner beer whose name bestowed the name of the entire type of beer - pils beer, whose headquarters and brewery located in the Czech city of Plzen. Pilsner Urquell beer is distinctly golden color and quite strong, more bitter.
  2. Staropramen - Staropramen is already well-known beer, which just comes from Prague
  3. Budweiser Budvar - one of the most popular beers in the world, certainly well-known in the region, known for conflict over its name in America. Budvar beer is lightly flavored with a hint of carbonation is weaker than the other Czech beers.
  4. Gambrinus - probably the best-selling beer in the Czech Republic at present, with its two known types, and original 10 Premium (light and premium Gambrinus beer).
  5. Bernard - Bernard beer is characterized by what is not pasteurized beer and bitter-sweet taste with pronounced notes of hops.

If you are looking for a city where you will have a good time, and see something and with little money to spend then Prague is definitely the right choice after Berlin. With two friends I decided to spend a long weekend in one of the Nordish cities and the choice fell on the threshold. The first association of Prague were good beer, old traditional pubs and beautiful architecture, which was reason enough to head to this city.

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