Doha, Qatar. a place that just a few people can accurately show on the map, but also a place of such wealth and prestige, you will not see anywhere else. For a country that up until 30 years ago was a simple fishing village in the desert, in which people lived from fishing, Qatar has developed at an incredible rate. Museums, hotels, shopping centers, sports halls … .just as part of what can be found here. The reason for this rapid development of Qatar owes anything other than oil deposits. There is a joke that says that if you were born in Qatar, and you have a house, a car and a woman, you are poor man!

Qatar Doha
Qatar Doha

How did I come to Qatar

My story begins back in 2012. Then I met a guy from Qatar, who has worked with us on the tennis tournament. During his stay in Budapest, we spent a lot of time together and he told me a lot about Doha. How far and unreachable this Doha it appeared to me then! I could not even dream that I will in just 15 months later visit his country.

Next year I was at his urging, decided to apply to work at the famous tennis tournament in Doha from series 250. I did not have high expectations, but why not to try? I sent an application and waited.

Then came that day! Even today I remember that moment when I received an email with the information that I will judge the tournament … that I will have the opportunity to be part of the tournament where play Nadal, Murray, Berdych, Monfils, Gasquet and many, many others! I was overjoyed.

I have arrived late in the evening in Qatar, after 8 hours sitting at the airport in Istanbul. Since that was the end of December, 2012, rather, I had the fattest winter clothes on me. However, upon arrival at the airport in Doha, I began to take off my clothes. Although they say that Qatar has a cold desert night, the temperature was more than a pleasant, 15 degrees. I was staying in a hotel, maybe the best one I’ve ever been. All high-class, super luxury furnished, room service, a huge TV, a bed big enough for three people … at the same beginning we knew how good the life is here.

Interesting facts about Qatar

So I could show you that Qatar is something completely different than anything you might see and set up for the eventual departure, I’ll bring you a list of things that will show you what it is that makes this country so different.

Oil in the first place

The quantities of oil and oil reserves exceed high figures, and Qatar are classified as the third country in the world by the amount of oil reserves. It is only necessary to say that this oil is cheaper than water and everything will be clear. Whether you like it or not, this country is quite different from anything you’ve seen unless you were in the Emirates.

It’s nice to be form Qatar When people born in Qatar decide to build a house, they’ll get a license in one day. Half of the money that he has invested in the house, his country would return to him. Also, Qatar is not subject to tax and, therefore, a huge number of foreigners decide to seek his professional career in this country.

When they are born, all citizens of Qatar received from the state $ 100 000. The school system is free, but if that’s not enough, when they marry, they receive from the state a place where they’ll live. Some would say that these people do not have problems in life.

The only problem that they can have is that because of great wealth and luxury, just do not see the interest in life and that they are bored. This is best seen in small children who seem totally uninterested in anything that involves working, thinking, or any other activity in which in some way they must be activated. “National sport” in Qatar is betting on their international matches.

What to visit in Doha?

La Perla

Among the things that should be visited is , an artificial island with a handful of hotels, shops, boutiques and everything else you can imagine that there is, where you can buy everything you can imagine to exist. The richest people form Qatar currently live here and housing prices go up over a million dollars.


Katar - La Perla

Corniche - where everything happens

Center is oriented around the Corniche, the wide winding avenue that runs next to the bay. Unlike other Arab countries where the promenade is  not that used, Corniche is one of the most popular places in the city. Often we were walking in this part, which offers the best panoramic view of Doha. One morning we also singled to visit the Museum of Islamic Art, the largest museum in Qatar, architect Im Pei. This museum is located near the Corniche, and if you happen near it, be sure to visit because there are many things to see.

Souq Waqif - like once upon a time

However, despite all these gorgeous wonders of architecture in Doha, you'll find something much more authentic. Old markets and streets, the most famous Souq Waqif, and open-air markets, where you feel as if you are back in time, or at least in some of the films of Indiana Jones. In these narrow streets, you will find everything that you have not found in La Perla. From spices you've never even heard of, ferrous animals, teas unknown odor, the carpet of a thousand colors, unusual dishes and souvenirs that exist only here, Souq Waqif is perhaps the most authentic as anything you'll find in the country.

Qatar Pearl Lagoon


All in all, Doha is a truly fascinating city that is so different from all that we can see in Europe, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is used to find the passage in this part of the world.

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