I was in Nei Pori from September 18th till September 28th 2016,  located at the Villa Vasiliki, which is located at the very beginning of Nei Pori; no sea view, but the beach was just 5 min away ( at Venus beach bar).

Our accommodation

The special charm of this villa provides flawlessly arranged courtyard with a barbecue, which guests can use. In its structure, the villa has two types of accommodation units: studio and apartments, all equipped with kitchen and large fridge with freezer, bathroom and terrace with outdoor seating. In the next yard is secured parking for cars. The villa is beautiful, arranged, with nice boss (when we were leaving he wished us a nice trip and served cookies). Right on the corner is a market that is large, but not so well supplied. We liked the most Alfa market, where they speak excellent English and prices were the lowest among them.

Villa Vasiliki1 - Nei Pori

Beaches in Nei Pori

Sandy beach is long (extends the entire length of Nei Pori) and very wide, which I liked a lot. Each café or restaurant has its own part of the beach with sunbeds and parasols. There are empty parts where you can spread out the beach towel and put your parasol but I recommend that you go on deck chairs (due to sand that get into everything) that you do not pay, but order something to drink + you get a bottle of water with every drink , so we were never bought a water, because we would always getting it here.

Short term rentals Nei Pori Dionysion Appartments
Short term rentals Nei Pori Dionysion Appartments

The crystal clear sea

Sea, on the first days because of the storm, was dirty –  there was a lot of grass and feathers. On other days, it was crystal clear and it is the most beautiful if you go to the beach early in the morning around 9 or 10. I’ve seen a medium-sized jellyfish, white, no tentacles, which does not seem to sting, because I have touched it a couple of times, and it doesn’t hurt. To mention another shoal you encounter when you swim a little further – when you get to that part, further you go it’s becoming shallower (not sure if that’s the case in every part of the beach, but it is here, at the Venus bar, where I usually went for a swim).

Nei Pori Beach
Nei Pori Beach

Peaceful and family place

Promenade was beside the beach, with many restaurants and pizzerias. In the evening it is nice to walk when you have shops where you can buy flowers, decorations, and other stuff.

Town is very spacious, the streets are very wide, parallel, without much traffic (as opposed to Platamon for example where the streets are narrow, small and everything is kind of tight). There’s no clubs to go out, it’s more quiet and family place. I forgot to mention that there is the amusement park for children.

Nutrition in Nei Pori

As for the food, I tried gyros in two places, I honestly didn’t like it and prices are from 2.10 to 2.50 euro ... but cakes and cookies were excellent, I think that I have not eaten tastier cakes nor cookies in my life (they were both, beautiful to see and delicious). I tasted the ice cream which was also so delicious (1.5 euro).


You can visit Platamon, located next to Nei Pori, you can go on foot (about 20 min) or a toy train. Then Thessaloniki (sightseeing and shopping 15e, 10e), Olympus (10e), Meteors, I think it has a cruise to Skiathos, etc. There are a few agencies that organize these trips, I went to Thessaloniki via Fly agency and the whole group was not satisfied with the organization, but Thessaloniki is a beautiful city and I suggest that you get organized and visit it without hurry.

Communication should not be a problem because almost everyone understands and speaks English and menus and everything is written in Greek, German and English ...

All in all, the place is beautiful, the right place to rest and I recommend to everyone to get visit it.

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