I think that the decision that the first skiing abroad to be in Isola, was the real hit!!! Comparing with other ski centers, slopes are slightly steeper but they are much longer, I felt that it was almost twice as long. Skiing is a very pleasant because all the tops are well connected. The map is very accurate, there is no danger to get lost somewhere. It was not crowded at all, except for the weekend, and though there were many skiers, the only thing you have to wait for is gondola.

Isola 2000
Isola 2000

First impressions of skiing: Day I + II + III

Sunny day, slopes are perfect, I’m attacking the blue slopes, and, of course, immediately climbing to the top to see the sea, but nothing –  it is occulted by clouds.

Ski slopes at Isola

I was surprised that I have done so well on the slopes of Isola, which are a bit steeper – most of the blue are like red on Kranjska Gora, while the red were like black at Kranjska Gora. Black trails are great, wide, perfectly smoothed and they let just some of  bifurcation as the bumps for connoisseurs. It’s just for connoisseurs, high bumps, all the way through the unbeaten snow. I ran into this one red and tried to move, which I actually managed with skis in my hands, thanks to my cowardice and bad condition.

Isola ski
Isola ski

We chose a black trail and only skied there about 4 times, the three of us alone on the track. It was the black trail, but smoothed perfectly and wide. I’m not some connoisseur, when its rough I ski on tails, my style of skiing is “grotesque”, but I’m a big fan…

Great blizzard: Day IV

The French, on daily basis, perfectly fix slopes with 10 large snow groomers (that’s how many we counted through the window). That day it was snowing, which was unexpected for the mountain in January. We tried to ski, but it did not work out, the snow was falling heavily that we could not ski at all.

Isola - panorama
Isola – panorama

Rain ruined our skiing: Day V

It’s raining! Then we focused on other activities and benefits that this small center provides. There is a shopping center with a dozen sports shops that sell the latest equipment at very high prices. There is a game room, two stores called “Sherpa” – fondly called The Pots, a several bakeries and cafe “Le Crocodile”, aka the Crocodile! Parties in the Crocodile were OK, although hanging out in the room was much better, the wine is cheap and itcan be very cheerful. My friend discovered that there is a small Spa center in Isola, just above the hotel and it can be seen from the road, but we didn’t go there.

Day VI

Due to a nice weather, we wanted to go to Auron, but we are a few minutes late so we’ve missed it. So if wanna go to Auron from Isole and vice versa, be sure not to be late for a minute, nor 2 or 3. It was nice in Isola, too, although the snow was patchy, where it was melted by the sun and quite wet, but there was ice in a shades. We discovered on the top on the far left some bunker, stone plate and that there is the border of Italy and France.


A quick morning organizing the room, check out. Later on, our riders on the bus said it Ski-Bus is the fairest of association, and  that some agencies make a deal with hotel management to charge the check out, and then share the cache. After a small break in Nice, we had 5 hours, walking to Mecca to the old town and back. It was very pleasant, after mountains and snow, to enjoy the sea air.

I enjoyed it, I traveled alone, but company and the whole organization Ski-Bus were perfect. They couldn't better bond us in the room than they already did. The slopes are not as bad as I feared it would be. Everything worked out well, and it could not be better!!!

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