Kranjska Gora is an idyllic Alpine destination, which is not enough to visit once. Many tourists do that for years, when they go skiing in Kranjska Gora. Once the most popular ski resort in the former Yugoslavia, and today is the most popular ski resort in Slovenia. Yet a variety of ski tracks are just one of the reasons why people come here on holidays…

My experiences fom Kranjska Gora

We’ve just returned from this Alpine oasis and we are full of impressions, so look what is our experience from Kranjska Gora in the fall and all the other seasons. It is specific spirit of the Slovenians and the feeling that you get from a few inhabitants of Kranjska Gora. Certainly it is worth to say something about it. But first things first, here’s how to spend your holiday in Slovenia, when to go to this part of the Alps and the picnic areas you need to visit while you are staying at Kranjska Gora. Remember the details, because you will want to see everything, and more!

Kranjaska Gora on summer
Kranjaska Gora on summer

Alps in July – the destination for all seasons

Kranjska Gora is located in the northwest of Slovenia near the border with Italy and Austria. This is the reason why many people come to Kranjska Gora – in the desire to visit that countries.

It´s fascinating nature, which in spring enchants with its smells, in summer with its rich nature and pleasant temperatures at an altitude of about 1100m, during the autumn with beautiful colors that paint the entire hills and valleys, to the winter when the slopes of Kranjska Gora are covered by white blanket, which skiers can’t wait. Of course, it is suitable for other tourists who like winter vacation and a trip to the highlands full of snow.

That is why Kranjska Gora is perfect mountain destination that is not reserved only for winter holiday and skiing. You can come here in every seasons, to enjoy the natural beauty of the mountain climbing, hiking tours through Kranjska Gora and the discovering of protected natural beauty.

Kranjaska Gora on summer
Kranjaska Gora on summer

Center Kranjska Gora and accommodation

The very center of Kranjska Gora and the resort that you can stay in  is the real mountain town with all the amenities that can be useful, but again not too crowded to disturb you. Among the rocky peaks, ski slopes and trees strewn hills, Kranjska Gora is located, and there are numerous hotels, Wellness and SPA centers that Slovenia is known for. However, this is not the end, because there are small but important cultural, sports and other facilities.

Idyllic surroundings

Kranjska Gora is tucked just enough to feel comfortable and warm surrounded by numerous mountains, but still free enough so you won’t be bored. A similar thing is reflected in the cafes and bars that you can see in the town. From many tucked, pleasant to drink coffee or beer in their own privacy places, to a large casino that can accommodate a huge number of people.

Kranjska Gora skiing
Kranjska Gora skiing

Great choice of hotel accommodation

What is the real advantage of Kranjska Gora, it’s having a huge selection of hotel accommodation, which are separated from the house in which inhabitants of this town live, but more importantly the ability to combine vacation. We are thinking about the possibility to combine wellness and skiing. Could it be better? Once you properly get tired challenging ski slopes, head to the wellness center of your or one of the nearby hotels. Relax body and mind. There are numerous pools of different content, with massage, Jacuzzi, saunas, as they have in the Compas hotel, hotel Ramada Resort or hotel Spik. The last hotel that we mentioned is a little bit further from the center of Kranjska Gora, but its fantastic spa facilities out weight the other competitors.

What to do in Kranjska Gora?

Even in the former Yugoslavia, skiers across the old country went skiing in Slovenia. Slovenia has always been major power in skiing. And how could it not with so many developed ski resorts, ski mountain resorts and ski jumps. Kranjska Gora is intended for anyone who loves skiing. Here you can find more and easier trails for skiing, something for everyone. Our guide pointed out the skiing at Kranjska Gora is an ideal place to learn to ski. There are resorts that are located above the small town which itself is about 800m above sea level. However, the ski slopes go up to 1300 m above sea level, and depending on the path they choose, the weight of skiing will be different. There is something for each level of skiing.

However, if you look for the nearest ski track to your accommodations, then this is the basic 10 trails at Kranjska Gora to which it takes no time by foot. These are the routes:

  • • Kekec (730 m)
  • • Mojca 1 (230 m)
  • • Rozle (550 m)
  • • Mojca 2 (448 m)
  • • Dolencev Rut (1000 m)
  • • Preseka 2 (806 m)
  • • Vitranc 1 (1229 m) (medium-difficult)
  • • Vitranc 2 (1048 m)
  • • Tinkara (313 m)
  • • Brsnina (452 ​​m)

Considering ski pass price, it obviously varies depending on how many days you are skiing, are you take the ski pass for one day, or one night.

  • • A ticket for one day skiing: € 31.50 (adults); 20 € (children); € 27 (pensioners and young people).
  • • A ticket for a one-night skiing: 22 € (adults); € 15.50 (children); 20 € (pensioners and young people).
  • • SKI PASS 6 day and night skiing 164 € (adults); € 104 (children); € 140 (pensioners and young people).

Adults: 23-65 years; Children: 6 to 14 years; Young: 15 - 23 years; Pensioners: 65+

Active vacation and discovering a nature

Spring and summer is the right time to embark on a hiking and discovering the natural beauty of Slovenia. Kranjska Gora and the nearby Triglav National Park is an ideal place to explore the benefits of nature, green slopes and forests. There are a lot of rare and endemic plants and flowers. Many tourists go to Kranjska Gora for the famous hiking trail, mountain climbing, mountain biking and other activities. Hiking is a particularly popular, so do not be surprised when you hear that there are as many as 20 marked hiking routes in Kranjska Gora. Of those easier, family routes, to a much more demanding, which require the prior physical preparation.

Planica Nordic Center (ski jumps)

Definitive station you must visit if you have already come to Kranjska Gora, is a fantastic Planica Nordic Center. It is one of the most modern and best equipped ski centers in Europe and the world. Planica Nordic Center  is the only place in the world where there are all kinds of ski jumps, and where they can maintain all types of jumps. It is also a place where there is the highest ski jump in the world, and that is suitable for the so-called. ski flying. This is also the ski center with the most trophies in the world, since it maintains the World Cup. We have climbed by cable car at the jumps, where we come from and to the highest in the world. Out of season you can enjoy an exciting zip-line above the jump. Also, at the base of the ski jump you have the chance to try a traditional mountain dishes, while future young sports stars  practice ski jumps on the grass next to you.

Kranjska Gora Planica

 Hedonism and nightlife

Slovenians enjoy drinking wine. That is why you will normally be expected to drink wine with dinner. It is especially popular cider drink that is actually a very young wine, with lower amounts of alcohol. However, at Kranjska Gora, many people opt for beer. Also, Slovenians that live in the mountainous regions of the country, are extremely proud of their liquor, blueberry brandy, which we mentioned a moment ago. Blueberry brandy is extremely sweet and drinkable, so that in no time you can have a larger amount of brandy, which, however, is strong. Price of blueberry brandy in a store, is between 7 and 11 euro. However, we recommend that you buy it from a host in the market.

If you ever think about whether to go to Slovenia or not, we hope that our story will inspire you, because our definitive answer to the dilemma is: "Yes!". Get to know the beauty of Slovenia, its spirit, hedonistic characteristics and taste. Only in this way you will gain a true impression of Slovenia, and one of the main arguments is that they will accept you with all their heart.

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