“Les 2 Alpes” (1650m) is a classic alpine town with lots of trails for skiing, located between the “two hills” where wood is dominating architecturally, but there are a few hotels that deviate from this environment. We noticed that many hotels have too many glass surfaces, as somebody said, “As it is built for the sea, and not for winter ambience.”

Les 2 Alpes
Les 2 Alpes

Les 2 Alpes, first impressions

The town has two parallel one-way streets (the main “Avenue de la Muzelle” and “Rue des Sagnes”), and in the main street are restaurants, pubs, cafes, shops souvenirs and ski equipment, boutiques, … simply saying – there are all the events, while the second street is more peacefully and there is the central tourist agency, bus station, pass to the ski slopes, ice rink, outdoor swimming pool, … Prices are various, and those who are planning to buy ski-equipment – can forget it. New Year-Christmas atmosphere with Christmas trees, decorations, lanterns and other festive colors, made each of our evening visually enriched.

Accommodation at hotel “Les Quirlies

We got a huge modern four-bed apartment in hotel “Les Quirlies ” at the very end of the town, and “ red “gondola” Telecabine du Diable ” was a few steps from the hotel ski trail which was ideal for leaving and returning after a day of skiing.

Les 2 Alpes - night
Les 2 Alpes – night

“Winning” the top Tete Moute

We climbed to 2400m by this gondola, and then we used the four-seater that is “rising” at 2813m, precisely the top “Tete mount”. From this point, the selection of trails for skiing is multiple, so you can ski right there on the classic “black” track Diablo or can get down to the “La Tour” (2600m), which is a center of events, and you can make a choice whether to go to the “Glacier” (3400m) and further by underground “metro” at 3421m and by groomers 3669m. You can choose the only one “black” trails at this altitude, “La Fee”, and there is a ‘Snow-park’ with all sorts of amenities for those who want a little more adrenaline in their blood.

The trails for skiing

I’ve said “the only one “black” trails”, because there are no other, and there real “meadows” are dominating, but do not think that there are no slopes for those who prefer some steeper slopes. Real “black” trails (“Diablo” and “Valentin”) are located on a hill just above the town, at the height of 1650 to 2100m, which may disappoint fans of the extremely steep slopes because they won’t be on a glacier and on your favorite trails, at the same time. Otherwise, the whole hill above the town is full of short “plates” and gentle slopes for children and beginners, but landing from 2100m (the hill) to the hotel can only be done on trails Valentin and Diablo.

Les 2 Alpes The trails for skiing
Les 2 Alpes The trails for skiing

The rest of the trails are not groomed so you should be very careful on these two tracks, especially when your legs become heavy after a day-long effort. For those who are not skiing that good,  French have a solution in the form of real-ski trails that are all over the entire ski resort. These ski-roads are slight and  gets you on zig-zag paths along the mountain and finishes at the “Les 2 Alpes”, but do not forget that you are waiting at a few places and a bit of “paddling” is necessary, so who loves it…

Organisation of ski-center

Organization of ski-center was brought to perfection. The trails are perfect (hard and straight with no ice, and this quality is retained throughout the day), the cableways are working between 09-17 hours, excellent infrastructure ... in one word, "Les 2 Alpes" is the ideal place for every skier, and I would specifically pointed out is hospitality of hosts that don’t speak English that well, but do not fail to greet you in French, even if you are sitting on the "wire".


Forest Service

Forest Service has been quite active, because there were a lot of injuries on the tracks. The injured almost immediately get “packed” into the trough behind the ski-sleds that transported them to a mini-heliports, and then by helicopter to the hospital. On the slopes there are many small fenced helipad, and this accident will cost 760 euros by helicopter, 160 euros medical service and 160 euros for interventions (smaller). But "do not worry" if God forbid this happens, everything is covered by insurance, which is provided in agency!?! So that’s what injured (knee) Slovenian girl from our group said.

Restaurants on the slopes: In the whole ski resort there are about 5 restaurants, and prices are listed at the heights at which they are located. Beer is at 2100m 2.7 euros to 7 euros in 2600 ... We mainly had a break at 2600m (we carried in backpacks sandwiches, beer and soft drinks which we bought in the "Marché"), and in the restaurant we were having mostly French fries, and some of cakes (ou better half). The choice of food is great, but after the break and you need to ski, so we always take something light.

Getting back to the hotel was usually around 16.30 hours (except Wednesday when the weather worsened already around 13.00), and we were returning by gondola "Jandri Express" which goes from "La Tour" (2600m) in the city itself "Les 2 Alpes" at 1650m. We took a gondola because we didn’t feel our feet after a day of skiing, although we noticed that those who take the "ski-through" have a section of 100 meters "paddling" which can be a torture. Thus it is more elegant, we were skiing on a glacier ski trip until "we drop", and then drive up to the hotel without any effort and hustle.

General impressions

What we were particularly fascinated by is the phenomenal snow and sunny weather that gave special beauty to Alpine peaks that surround the entire ski resort, I couldn’t ask for more…

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