For all lovers of good and exciting skiing, Les 3 Vallees in France offers over 600 km of ski trails for everyone’s taste.

Anyone who is at least more than recreational skier and lover of skiing “from 9 to 5” I suggest you to visit the “Les 3 Vallees” or “3 valleys” in France. Over 600 km of trails for everyone’s taste, so well thought out for the skier so that, with the help of the map, they can not get lost and that is guarantee of “the dissolution of skiing.” It is a pitt to stop and eat candy, unless you are in  the cable car, so you do not to lose a moment of exploring the largest ski resort in Europe.

Les 3 Vallees
Les 3 Vallees

First encounter with the Alps

The first sign that you are in the area of ​​the Alps are mountains in Turin background, as it was painted with a brush, followed by the region where the 2006 Winter Olympic Games held in Turin-Bardonecchia, and after a 13 km long tunnel Frejus that is  today fictitious border between Italy and France, there are visible slopes of the famous French Alps, where we headed. And then after the turn off the highway, shortly after passing Abertvilla, where the Winter Olympic Games were held in 1992, and drive 30 km along on the main road from Moutiers, we come to Ménuire, a place that is part of the Belleville Valley, the first of the famous 3 valleys.

Les 3 Vallees
Les 3 Vallees

Then there is the largest city of this ski resort and second, bigger “brother” of Belleville, Val Thorens with about 200 km of ski trails. Two more valleys are on every 10 km, sunlit Meribel and Courchevel forested, each with about 150 km of slopes.

Les 3 Vallees - flawless

So, as I have already stated, you can not, in any case, make a mistake if you choose this queen of the ski resorts of Europe, not by number, not length, not for the beauty and quality of slopes. Snow in March is at least 1.5 m deep in every moment, and even if it happens that snow doesn’t fall for more than 10 days, there is a large number of snow cannons on all major routes.

Les 3 Vallees

Prices of food outside

As for the price of food, a passionate skiers normally do that, I suggest the purchase of the Casino hypermarket in the town of Modane, just a few kilometers from the Frejus tunnel. The prices of certain products are extremely affordable and the quality of French cheeses, hams and wines is well known. In the same 3 valleys prices are a little higher, but that is not that extremely.

Dinners at restaurants

If you decide to have a dinner in French restaurants and taverns, you need to prepare for the main course, salad, dessert and inevitable wine approximately 40-50 Eur per person, which is not that bad. Not to mentione that you could find, in their sports stores (which are open to 19:30) ski jackets for 75 Eur or fog goggles for 30 Eur. There's a lot of nice things, but I won’t reveal all.

The price of arrangement: The price of the whole trip with an agency is about 570 Eur with accommodation for 7 days, a six-day ski pass for all 3 valleys, tourist tax, bus transportation and visa. Therefore, all that remains is food that we spent about 150 Eur for this time, plus the occasional dinner, although the you get so exhausted and intoxicated by those ski resorts that everything, except walk to 10 PM, is  counterproductive to the body ready for skiing "9 to 5". So you go ahead and try 3 Valleys!.

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