How many of you have heard of Parga? Probably not so many, but as the years go by, it is most likely that those who come on this site will know what I’m talking about, because Parga from year to year is becoming one of the most visited destination in Greece.

How to get to Parga?

Parga is a resort located in the area of Epirus, in western Greece. Most of travel agencies organize bus tours to Parga, which are not that terrifying – it takes a bus ride that lasts for 12-13 hours, taking a break several times, listening to music, sleep for a little, and while you wake up, there you are. You can also go by plane via Preveza airport, which is only 62 km away from Parga. You can also land on the airport of Corfu, and then by ferry to get to Parga from the port of Igoumenitsa, which is located 49 km from Parga, but these are a little more expensive options.

We arrived in Parga, although it was September, the temperature was over 30 degrees. September, and even October, are the best period for visiting the southern part of Greece. Partly because of affordable prices of tourist agencies, due to its perfect climate, a small number of guests and very warm sea.

Guest Houses in Parga
Guest Houses in Parga

The Mediterranean charm of Parga

Parga is not a typical Greek town, you’ll feel that you are somewhere in Genoa and Naples, as it has that Mediterranean charm. A small colorful houses on the coast, small shops and streets full of people, it seems that if someone suddenly got here and you ask them:” Come on now, tell me where you are?”, and they would probably say: “In Italy”.

Guest Houses in Parga
Guest Houses in Parga

Beaches in Parga – Krioneri and Valtos

There are two beaches: Krioneri – the main city beach and not far from it Piso Krioneri, small beach in the bay. A little further away is the largest Valtos beach, several kilometers long, represents those Baywatch beach with sand, parasols and lounge chairs. For me, beach Krioneri is somehow the most lovable and we were mostly there. Primarily, because of the location, but also the liveliness of the city, and a small island located across the beach to which you can swim. If you are the adventurous soul like me, you’ll be delighted. Imagine being able to swim to the island, that  has a small white Greek church, olives and various lanes that lead to the top, and on the top the view of your dreams. Immeasurable space reminds me of the city in the film “The Count of Monte Cristo”.

Parga for romantic

If you are a romantic soul, you need to visit Parga. There´re very few places in the world so hidden, tucked and warm as Parga. Of course, there are many bars, taverns and restaurants, but somehow it all falls into the background. Before we came, my idea was to take a bike to ride it around town – very bad idea. I think Alberto Contador (multiple Tour de France winner) could not be carried out to that. Parga is really hilly and I would recommend it only for those in better shape, but on the other hand, it is a great place for weight loss.

Harbot in Parga
Harbot in Parga


As for the prices, the place is a bit more expensive, because prices are more adapted for Scandinavian tourists (2-2.5 euro coffee, juices 2-2.5

[caption id="attachment_949" align="alignnone" width="600"]Houses in Parga, Houses in Parga,[/caption]

euro, 3-3.5 euro for beer, mineral water 2 euor, bread from 0.90 to 1.20 euro, gyros 2 euro).



Olive groves

In my opinion, the nicest thing you can see in the Parga is olive groves. I do not know how many of you have seen how the olive tree looks like. The forest, which is located around 20 minutes from the center, is like a fairytale. You will feel like you're in the movie “The Hobbit” or “The Lord of the Rings”. Although it is not in all the travel brochures of the city, be sure to stop by.

At the top of Parga is the old Venetian fortress that offers a beautiful view of the entire city, and certainly the best location for your photos. Fortress has until recently been totally neglected, but in recent years the Greeks have invested some money in it, and now it looks really great.

Boat from Parga

There are plenty of trips that you can go:

- Cruise Ionian Islands (Price of the trip in the Serbian agency is around 40 eur, a trip takes all day)

- Corfu (Price 30 euro trip by boat from Parga to Corfu travel about 2 h)

- Paxos and Antipaxos (the price of the trip varies from 15-20 euros)

On the whole, 10 days in Parga wasn’t enough for me,  Parga made a strong impact in me and a desire to come back in the near future.

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