Nightlife in Skiathos is more exciting than you think. On the island fabulous parties are waiting for you, and we will help you to choose the perfect spot to your taste. Before I take you on a virtual tour through the nightlife of Skiathos, I would like to remind you on a few things that would night owls and lovers of good time especially made happy.

No need to rush to the beach in pensions to get dressed! Parties in Skiathos are starting late at night, only about 1 hour after midnight clubs are starting to fill. One reason is precisely that the Banana beach party lasts almost until midnight.

Skiathos is island known for its sandy beaches, lush greenery and vivid night life, which is why summer in Skiathos is especially popular among young people. The southern side of the island is dotted with fantastic beaches, like Koukounaries, Banana, Ayia Paraskevi, Skíathos and many others. Nature is green and lush, but if you like nature – you will simply enjoy the view all around you. There are also several interesting monasteries that you can visit on your way. From Skiathos, there are daily cruises to other islands from Sporades and Pelion group.

The Greek island of Skiathos has only one place that becomes the center of all activities throughout the year. Whether during the day or overnight, Skiathos town is becoming very popular among visitors for walking and enjoying the coastal restaurants.

Skiathos Disco
Skiathos Disco

Night life for everyone’s taste

Be ready to experience the best parties and musical events on Skiathos! However, this island is not just for partying in clubs with loud dance music.

Do you prefer a more peaceful night by the sea with cocktails and soft music? Almost everywhere on the island there are bars and clubs to suit every taste. In any case, the nightlife on Skiathos is very exciting!
If you are planning a great fun all night, lively areas, where you can meet mainly young people dancing inside and outside the club, are or Bar Street on the east side of the harbor, or in areas close to Papadiamantis street and Trion Ierarchon Square in the Old Town. Like most clubs in Greece, it does not open before midnight, so I suggest that you have a relaxed attitude and go out quite late.

You can start the nightlife in the bars on the waterfront with a beautiful view of the Bourtzi fortress and the small, colorful fishing boats. Later in the evening, we suggest you go to the pubs on one side of the island to the other, so you could feel the Skiathos night life to the fullest!

Skiathos - night life
Skiathos – night life

The bars and clubs on the island play all kinds of music, from mainstream pop to alternative rock and jazz music. For more ‘Greek folk night’, you can try “bouzoukia” where you can listen to folk and popular Greek music.

Very popular and well known place on the island, which celebrities prefer too, is a cocktail bar in the old port, with cushions on the steps, which are used for sitting and enjoying cocktails in a relaxed, summer atmosphere! It is worth visiting the bars because they have become one of the typical destination for a cocktail on Skiathos, and they are very connected with your visit to this beautiful island. The atmosphere is different from the other bars and clubs that can be found on Skiathos, so that turns yours cocktails into an unforgettable experience!

For those who are lovers of art and some quieter evening, you should definitely visit the open-air cinema on the island. You can enjoy your favorite movies under the starry sky of the Greek summer. If you are on a romantic holiday, this is a good way to spend a wonderful evening with your partner. Alternatively, you may want to visit the gallery and exhibition center in the fortress or in the open air theater next to it, where there are always several concerts, plays and other cultural events that are held in summer.

For families and those who prefer a more peaceful vacation, right thing is the south coast where the nightlife is rather limited, mainly including food and drink.

To sum up, no matter what your musical taste or taste for nightlife is, Skiathos has a number of options for each of its visitors!

Club Pure Skiathos

The motto of the club is "People change, memories don't"! Pure is surely a place that you must not miss if you're a fan of good music and fun! They are mainly playing popular genres, and more widely known summer hits, and when the atmosphere is warm, the popular Greek hits. Clubs are located in a row near the port in the center of Skiathos. If your priority is having a good time, it is recommended to look for accommodation near the city center.

Club Kahlua

Kahlua is one of the clubs in a row, with a slightly different concept than Pure. Mostly the Greek music, and therefore the atmosphere is a little different. It is certainly a place that you should visit.

BBC Club Skiathos

Immediately between clubs Pure and Kahlua is BBC. Pure is most similar in its atmosphere and music. Mainly play commercial hits. In August, when is the biggest crowd, it is necessary to make the reservation.

Marilyn Skiathos

On the other side of the bay, the right side of the harbor and park Burca is another group of clubs with commercial Hits and lively atmosphere. Certainly a great place for fun on Skiathos.


It is situated in a perfect location in the old harbor near the famous Rock 'n 'Roll bar, great cocktails and music.


For those who love good music, cocktails in a beautiful setting in the port of Skiathos. Right next to the club Marilyn is Gin-Fish.

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