When someone mentions a paradise for skiers, you immediately think of the French Alps. With the most modern ski resorts, Resort Morzine is waiting for thousands of tourists from all over Europe this winter too. Dominating Morain valley is suitable for families.

Country of cheeses, wines and good skiing

The country that produces more than 370 types of cheese, in which everyone praises its region and sparkling wines, is ready to accept this winter and hosts the largest number of skiers from all over Europe. While most famous mountain valleys already have “their” skiers, the Alps are “spawned” a few nice tucked and romantic ski resorts, which can fully satisfy the appetites of the most demanding lovers of winter sports. Among them, the first on the list is Resort Morzine. Authentic French spirit will awaken the top skiers imagination as well as children‘s and beginners‘. This mainly family resort, in addition to good trails, attracts tourists with very reasonable prices.


Top smooth trails

Problems with paths in France almost do not exist. All are fully “smoothed”, and in places where there is little bit of snow, which is not a common case, ski-centers are provided fake snow sprayers. Nothing is left to chance, and everything is done for boarders and skiers to enjoy.

Ideal for families

Resort Morzine i most visited by families, because there are various non-skiing activities, especially for children. From ski schools, kindergartens, playgrounds and animators to various workshops where kids can have fun. There are trails for snowmobiles, and tourists can observe a beautiful Savoy nature from the air – from a paraglider. Ice skating lovers have available rinks, but they can also walk up the frozen waterfalls.

The French have tried to convey their hedonism to the tourists. Mountain bars, decorated wooden huts and small houses are almost everywhere. Here, at reasonable prices, you can take a break from skiing.

Ski resort Le Sibel is characterized by its three spikes, which constitute the top Le Aguvil d’Arve (3.510 m). This area has top quality accommodation. The apartments are extremely spacious, mostly four-bed, six-and eight-bed, with kitchen and bathroom. Some apartments have two bathrooms. Most hotels and apartments have their own swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi.


There are no tall buildings in Le Sibel, unlike other resorts across the Alps. Thera are low buildings made of stone and wood. All this contributes to the beauty and warmth of this city. The most important for skiers are the cable cars. It is not crowded, and everything works almost flawlessly. In this ski center you won’t find a gondola, but cable cars were able to satisfy the daily needs. And while France attracts with its charm and selfishly keeps tourists, the real ski lovers will agree on one thing: There’s no skiing until you stab a stick into the French Alps.


Resort Morzine is only two hours from the airport Saint Exupery in Lyon and Grenoble. If someone comes by car, the roads D 1006 and the A43 lead to this ski resort. It is possible to arrive here by train.


  •  * Morzine Resort: Seven-day accommodation in apartment and six-day ski pass cost around 200 euros.
  • * There are two snowboard parks and 105 trails. Of these, 21 is green, 43 blue runs, 37 red and four black.

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