When someone mentions Rhodes, first associations are: unforgettable old town with Palace of the Grand Master, long beaches, crystal clear sea, fantastic atmosphere of the city and wind. With so many young people visiting, it is always lively and urban.

Where to stay – The first decision that we had to make about Rhodes was where we will be staying: in the city Rhodes or in Faliraki. Since my friend has already been in Rhodes, we’ve immediately decided that we will stay in the city. I will always recommend an accommodation in the city, because it has everything you need: a night-life, two huge beaches, fantastic bars, great atmosphere, and many places for shopping. All this is so good, because if you don’t want to rent a car, you don’t have to.

The city is big enough so you could never be bored, but small enough to go everywhere by foot.  In addition, Rhodes is well connected by bus lines with the rest of the island.

The wind in Rhodes

The thing that I was most scared of was a wind, and everyone was saying: “There is windy”. Is it windy? Yes, it is. When you look up for the Island on a map, you can see that the Rhodes city is at the very tip of the Island and that the beaches are divided so that some of them are on the side that is more windy (the west side), and the others are on the side where you don’t feel the wind that much (the east side). How does it look like when you are there?  Our hotel Alexia was placed on the west side, and those days when it was windy, we surely felt the strong wind, and we didn’t go to the beach near our hotel.

Rhodes harbor
Rhodes harbor

In the days when the wind is very strong, on the east side you don’t feel it that much (although it is 10 minutes away on foot), and you can only notice that the sea is a bit rougher than in the days when it’s not that windy. There were days when it wasn’t windy, but then the heat was unbearable. So I couldn’t say that the wind would be a problem. It’s simple, pick up a hotel on the east side of the city, swim there and no worries. Every beach that we’ve been to was on the east side of the island, too.  We’ve never even seen the west side, so we don’t really know what kind of beaches are there.

The most beautiful places in Rhodes

Beach on Rhodes
Beach on Rhodes

Elli beach (local beach)

Is I’ve already said, the city has two beaches that are connected on the tip of the island, right in front of the Aquarium. Swimming at the very tip is rare; we were often in front of Casino Rhodes (there you can find a delightful café). On the beach is very relaxing, and if you come in late afternoon no one will come to charge you for deckchairs and it is not crowded.

The sea is very clean. Depending on the wind, the sea could be slightly wavy, but it’s certainly more peaceful in the morning. If you take a walk to the end of the beach, you will come to the beautiful café/beach bar Baron. There is very cheerfully, they have a good music, and I remember a group of Italians, who were spontaneously dancing to the latest hits and making a very good atmosphere. If you have a drink or something to eat, you don’t have to pay for deckchairs. The café works in the evening hours, too. Prices of sandwiches are around 4-6 EUR, coffee is around 2-4 EUR, and in the evening hours you could also come to a cocktail. We were here almost every day.

Kalithea beach

You can get a comfy bus to this beach. Also, bus schedules will be hanged on a bus station. You can enjoy all day on this beach. Long ago, the healing water source was found here, and this was once a spa, and today that water is flowing down the rock next to the beach, so try it if you go there. This place is 7 km away from the city of Rhodes, and if you don’t like buses, you can go by boat from Port Mandraki.

The city of Rhodes

Rhodes modern and old town, both are amazing. In modern part of the city, where markets, banks and cafes are, you can see business Greeks on a break for lunch or coffee.

Market - Old town
Market – Old town

Pass through the walls of the old town takes you to another dimension, narrow streets, balconies with flowers, full of all kinds of people – mostly tourists, also cafes, restaurants and all kinds of  small shops, especially gift shops with figurines of knights, various spices shop, etc.

Roloi Clock Tower

The right place for you to see the whole town. You would climb up the narrow stairs and reach the top without much effort, but going down is not that easy, because if you look down, it will look really steeply, so I remember the walk down very well. Still, it was worth it. Entrance is 5 EUR and in the price is included one drink in a café at base of Tower. Part of the view from the tower:

Hippocrates Square, old town

Wondering the narrow streets of the old town, we accidentally came on this square. Suddenly, this square with a fontana was in front of us, and everywhere around us were cafes and restaurants. Pick the terrace that you like the most, and just watch the passers. We would come here in the evening hours, too.

Rhodes fortress
Rhodes fortress


Nightlife is great, because you really have a lot of places where you can go, the city is very lively at any time of the day, and, since we were staying in Alexia hotel, near our apartment was some kind of “Bar Street”, where we went in Colorado club, or we went in Fuego bar in the old town. Restaurants in the old town were working late at night, too.

I won’t talk about the hotel, because, in that time, it was very old 3* hotel, but I’ve recently looked up their website, and I can see that it is renovated, now. In spite of that it is just few steps away from the beach, it is on the windy side, so you should have that on your mind. Also, due to nearness to the clubs, it could be noisy late at night.


My recommendation is to rent a car, so you could easier visit other beautiful beaches, towns and the inside of the island. My friends often ask me to name the differences between Crete and Rhodes and to say which island is “better”. It is hard to answer this. The islands are very different so it is thankless to compare them, but I would say that Crete has an amazing natural beauty, a beauty that I haven’t seen in Rhodes, while the city of Rhodes is really spectacular and I did not find such an impressive town on the island of Crete.

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