While I was reading about Skiathos and looking at the pictures I could not believe that there is such a magical place. A soon as we’ve arrived it was clear why people are so glorifying it. First time on Skiathos, impressions are fantastic!!!! We’ve traveled by plane, through the agency. We’ve stayed in a villa Roula beach in Megali Amos. Villa was so well positioned, less than ten minutes from the city center and half a minute from the beach. As my kid would say, we had our own beach.

Path leads from villa right to the beach, along the way there was a shower, and in front of the entrance to the beach a nice garden with chairs in the shade. Here we could shelter from the sun, drink coffee, and some had lunch, rested. and that terrace could only be used by guests of our villa.

A typical Mediterranean town

The only city on the island, and therefore the capital of the eponymous Skiathos. The city is beautiful, classic Mediterranean, with white houses, numerous taverns and narrow cobbled streets. It is built in a horseshoe shape around the main pier and marina, the streets Papadiamantos and Politehniou have the most famous cafes and bistros. Street Papadiamanti is very beautiful, full of taverns, souvenir shops, cafes, shops with clothes … But they are all too expensive.

Skiathos town
Skiathos town

We highly recommend Nikos tavern! Nice people and a huge menu with all the pictures of every food offering, normal prices, and wonderful food! They have the best gyros. Ice cream YUM … ME!, though expensive (100 g = 2evra), there are 50 flavors and 6 kinds of ice cream, all of it you pour by yourself, count that will cost you about 4 euros. Almost the entire island has a bad WI-FI, but in taverns you can find a good WI-FI, like at Nikos.

Old and New Skiathos

At the end of the main street is port, which is divided into old and new part. If you go the way of the old port, you can expect plenty of bars and restaurants, especially if you decide to climb the many stairs leading through countless small streets. Indulge in this adventure it will take you to a good restaurant or shops. If you choose to venture to the other side, you will be welcomed by restaurants by the water in which the fish dishes are on the menu. When you pass them, you are coming to the nightclubs. Just, a real fun starts here only about two hours after midnight. There, for true gourmets, the path must not end! A little forward, towards the airport (which is one of the smallest in the world) is a tavern, Milos – tucked next to the water and old windmills, providing incredibly delicious specialties. With guitars, wine and good company, fun is guaranteed!

A haven for many of the world celebrities

Although small (only 50km square), Skiathos charmed and inspired many movie stars, artists, writers and billionaires, so that in the 1960s its charms enjoyed and Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, admiring green pine trees that reach all the way to white-as-snow beaches. Lovers of film art can enjoy projections – there are open-air cinema. The whole island is surrounded by beautiful greenery and the air smells beautiful…

The only thing that bothered me a little, it that there is not a lot of food stores, there are few, very well stocked and the food is not so expensive … side streets (if you are lucky to be there your accommodation) are very quiet, and the more you get into through the narrow passages, uphill, generally, you will rarely meet someone…

Beaches on Skiathos

City Beach is disgusting and I don´t recommend it, not that disgusting but compared to other beaches that are incredibly beautiful and clean, this city beach is ridiculous. After city beach comes Vasilias beach, which is a beach for upstarts to drink wine and read “literature” all day on the beach. The beach is beautiful but too stuffy for my taste.

Skiathos beach - Megali-Amos-Roula
Skiathos beach – Megali-Amos-Roula

After that, we’ve visited the beach Vromolimnos, I did not it like because we came right after the rain and it was dirty, but people who have visited it later aligned it into one of the prettiest. Troulos was the ugliest beach where we were, on the left side.

After it, there is a small beach Maratha which was my favorite, narrow and small with only one tavern, and the beach which has its own clean towels which you can use. Only on that beach, a tap beer is three euros, and they really pure 0.5 l. The sea is crystal clear and the whole beach is made of pure sand, as it is also in the water..

After Marathe, there is the famous Kukunaries which is the largest and the most visited beach on the island. It is wide long, with clear water and fine pure sand. Around the beach is a pine forest near the national park and Lake Kukunaries, which is unfortunately closed for visit. The beach is perfect for families with children, but if you plan to relax your mind, you can´t really do it here, because there are too many people.

Skiathos beach
Skiathos beach

Just before this beach, there is a turn to Agia Eleni beach, which is known for its sunset that we were waiting for one evening, and sunset was like any other. It was nice but we’re not so romantic. We had a discount on the deck chairs, instead of 8 e was 4 e. On that beach it is really possible to relax the mind and in the evening to enjoy the appearance of a beautiful girl who plays and sings.

A bit up the hill from Koukounaries, there is the beach Mystique similar to Marati. It´s little cute beach, but it´s too expensive.

Further more there is the famous Banana that we’ve been avoiding for 5 days, because it is known for parties and madness, but in the end when we went, we’ve been shocked  by her nature and beauty. On the top of the hill is the famous cafe Bananitas, which has the most beautiful view on the world. In the evening, after 6 o’clock there the madness begins.

If you are not drunk then there is nothing for you there. Although, Banana is divided into two parts, and there is a family and quiet part, and the other with café Bananitas where music is blaring all day, but the good one. I did not go further from Bananas, and I think it is impossible to visit all just in 10 days.

Beach Ambelakia – also one of the best beaches on the island. Ambelakia  is separated with one rock from Koukounaries. The water is crystal clear, though, there was a boat at about 20 m from the shore, so you can´t swim far away. There is only one tree, so you need an umbrella. absolutely beautiful and quiet, but has one tavern with a dark chairs.

Lalaria beach Skiathos
Lalaria beach Skiathos

Beach Lalaria – which can be reached by organized boat – HEAVEN ON EARTH! Stones are white-grey and completely round. The water was blue like it is in the pool, surrounded by white rocks. And there are the famous gates (for example, a hole in the rock on the water).

Prices in restaurants and taverns

As for tavernas, prices are varied ... Dinner for two with drinks is about 30-40 e. I was fascinated by the fact that wherever we ate, in the end we get gratis ice cream or a dessert. At the old port there is a place above the Rock 'n' Roll bar overlooking the harbor and the sea, there I ate roast the most beautiful chicken in my life. All together with salad, bread and beer cost us about 30 e, which is not expensive for this island. In the main street there is an ice cream on tap where you can make your own combinations and that bar is always crowded and across the street from where in the same way the pancakes are made.


Skiathos panorama


Regarding the going out, the city is always vivid. I was impressed by Rock 'n' Roll cocktail bar where cocktails are phenomenal. The bar itself is an attraction because it is literally built on the stairs at an angle with lots of pillows on the floor and candles. So for example, If you order 2-3 cocktails, you get a large bowl of fresh fruits. Later on, out of that bar around 12-1 everyone goes to club Pure, and people who went there told us that they had a great time, but we didn't go there.

Especially interesting was view-point at clock fortress, where you can see the whole city, which at night looks fascinating and from there you can see the open-air cinema in the city, where in the evening they usually play movies like Mamma Mia, and some other romantic comedies that have been on the repertoire. You may be surprised by folding chairs, surround system is distant future, filmmakers must change lanes to half the movie, ticket is 7 euros, but why not,  with a good movie relaxing is completely.

Transportation at Skiathos

On-minute walk from the villa in which we were there is a super-market, and a bus station. At the end of the summer I'm through talking with other tourists, realized that we were the best positioned, close to town, but still not in the center, where they say that it is so loud, on the beach, and close to other beaches. We were visiting beaches by bus that we never waited more than two minutes, and just once it was crowded, but not so bad, since it is not a long drive.

Rent a car

It is likely that, if you go on vacation to the island by bus or plane, to rent a vehicle. A representative of the agency with who you come to, offer you to rent it through them and this variant is likely a bit more expensive than what you can find at the car rental agency. Also there you will probably get a slightly lower price than you may find on the internet before traveling. My assumption is that a representative of the agency and the internet offer a price that is officially formed, while at the spot price is formed according to the law of supply and demand. In my case, it happened that I was the first day out in the city for a walk and came across the commercial for the car which was 99 euros for 7 days. In the end it turned out a bit different because it was added on that 99 euros something in the name of insurance, so that the Hyundai Atos costs 135 euros for 7 days. Certainly, it seems that it is quite convenient, a few years ago the Fiat Seicento in Corfu for 7 days in August cost 190 euros.

If you rent a car on the spot, plan a few days in advance because it is unlikely that you will get a car on the spur of the moment, when you enter into an agency, especially if you want some of the cheapest. I rented a car at the agency "Auto Europa". This does not guarantee that they are optimum.

Cruises and tours

Of the all cruises, we chose Skopelos and Alonissos 30 euros, and Lalaria 22 euros, this is through our agency, others say that it was cheaper if you find it on your own, in the harbor, but to me this was more safe. We did not repent, it was beautiful. Skopelos is a quiet town, with a lack of motion that I was not thrilled, and really there is nothing to see. Unfortunately, we didn't climb to the fortress Kastro, because I felt very bad from the boat, but I've seen pictures and the sight is really beautiful…

Finally Lalarija that takes your breath away, unreal white beach with unreal blue sea. That what I've been seeing  in the photos and movies, Returning back,  we hoped that we will see dolphins, others saw them, but I barely managed to see one for a moment, but it has particular tour boat which leads to the national park where dolphins and seals are inhabited. One day we went to the monastery Evangelistrias by van, stayed there for 2-3 hours, walking around the mountain and enjoying the sights, smells and fresh air.

Where to buy food

Practical: On the main road (ring road) around the city there is a supermarket Dia and Marinopoulos, which are slightly larger, well-stocked and where prices are slightly better. Very supermarket is also Asteras (one on the Acropolis station, the other on the exit of the town from the direction of the port). Otherwise, there are plenty of supermarkets along the main road on the island. On the main road, if you come from Megali Amos shortly after market Marinopoulos you can find "junk food" (souvlaki, gyros, burger, stuffed paprika and tomatoes, moussaka ...) I would say a bit cheaper than elsewhere.

You must experience Skiathos

We haven't been renting umbrellas and lounge chairs (8e), we spend that money  on visits to other beaches. I suggest that at least one day to rent a car and visit the other side of the island where beaches are beautiful, unique, and the view of the sea and the whole city is unforgettable. And yes, definitely take the time and go to the runway where you can watch planes landing and taking off that literally fly over your head, it's really special. I would have a lot to write about this beautiful island but I think you need to experience Skiathos. It is insane to go to this island and just be in the hotel that is usually linked to one beach.

I was initially afraid of what will be like when we get to the island, none of my friends had been to Skiathos so that can convey impressions to me, only the woman from the agency where I paid the arrangement said, 'Skiathos is for the adventurous, you have to experience an tour it, do not stay in the hotel, because where you find yourself there you'll eat." And so it is, every day we spent on other beach but we used ours when we were resting from the cruise.

Skiathos is where most Greeks are spending their summer vacation, but if it is beautiful for them who live surrounded by the sea, imagine how nice it is only for us who yearn for it.  You must visit and take photos off anything you see so you never forget this beautiful little island.

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