You know how they say that when you really want something, it always comes true. Most often we act as if it happened by itself. I thought for days where I could travel on the weekend after my birthday because I wanted to go somewhere out of the country, and then the call came for a tour of the spa hotel of Szeged and its surroundings.

In Szeged I went several times, mostly for a walk, have coffee and shopping. I do not know why, but in general I have not discussed spa hotels, probably because we were always hurrying and stayed only one day. The city, along with the environment, offers much more than coffee and shoppinggreat spa / swimming  are both in the city and about a half-hour drive from Szeged.

The first destination – Spa Erzsebet Hotel Elixir

Morahalom was our first point. We arrived very quickly to this place, if you avoid an afternoon “rush hours”, you will see that there is no lines nor crowds, you arrive as you drank a coffee and a chat with companions. Spa Erzsébet is located in the city center, but the spa is connected with a new small hotel Elixir of 3+ stars, where we are staying (hotel has only 25 rooms). We noticed that everything is new, clean and well maintained – and the hotel itself has a swimming pool and sauna, but if you go down the hall, you’re already in the spa and the pool Erzsebet.

Holtel Elixir
Holtel Elixir

As it was Friday night, I kind of assumed that would be crowded. However, even though there were people in the pool, it was not too crowded and I didn’t have the impression that it is crowded. Immediately upon arrival, we participated in the sauna session with honey. It is a special experience that I recommend to all fans of sauna. In the heat of the Finnish sauna, 5-6 we listened to the instructions of manager of sauna, who was refreshing space with various essential oils, bringing us gently into their healing properties. During the session, we got the honey with ginger in small pots, so we spread it on the body and nourish the skin. Skilful movements towels, manager has raised the temperature in the sauna and 10 minutes had passed so quickly. It was a great experience and we immediately felt better!

Relaxing in the pool

Then comes a break in the lounge chairs, walking through the pool for circulation with compartments with hot and cold water, and a great swim in the Olympic pool. I love the large pools in which no crowds – and here is one just like that. We tried and outdoor pools with showers that are perfect for a back massage and then we were so hungry so we went to dinner. The food in the hotel was decent, though a choice is not really that big.

Next destination – Aquapolis – Hotel Forras

The next day we, visiting Szeged, have visited the famous hotel Forras, which is connected with the spa / bathing Aquapolis. Forras is perhaps a good solution for those who would like to be placed in the city and want to see in one trip both the Szeged, and to use all features of this spa resort. Walking through the hotel lobby, I noticed a large number of families with children and it seems to me that the hotel is very child-friendly. My impression, after a short walk of the hotel, is that this is a place for all ages and you can come with children, parents, neighbors and friends. There are different categories of rooms, and very luxury apartments with jacuzzi tubs. All hotel guests have a free entry to Acquapolis.

Aquapolis - Hotel Forras
Aquapolis – Hotel Forras

A large variety of activities

In Aquapolis you can spend the whole day. The hall is connected with the hotel, so that, as in the case of Mórahalom, you can just wear a bathing and bathrobe, slippers and put on your swimming direction. Huge offer sauna, massage, swimming pools (outdoor and indoor) pool with healing (thermal) water, and the thing that kids love the most – slides (there are 13 slides). Deck chairs along the pool and next slides provide the ability to read a book, take a nap and relax, as visitors of the spa are doing. There are separate fitness areas with modern equipment, as well as a couple of stands with fast food, sandwiches and coffee.

If you are young, you go with the society in Szeged and want modern environment of people your age, you can stay at a hotel Science. This is a very modern city hotel designed and is ideal for young, trendy people who appreciate urban design and architecture. It was not connected to the spa, but still have the ability to, for example, sleep here, and some of the beaches in Szeged you can use by buying a daily ticket.


The most beautiful hotel in the whole tour – Glorious

You know that feeling when you walk into a room and just say “WOW”. This hotel is Glorious in Mako (20 min from Szeged). Hotel is designed in Art Deco style, with prevailing purple (my favorite), friendly staff and pleasant atmosphere, the most striking impression this weekend. Justifies 4 stars because of the hallway, through the reception hall to the dining room and everything was done with a lot of taste, style, and in the right measure. Breakfast and dinner in the fully comply star hotel, with a surprise – during breakfast will approach the waitress and politely ask if you want champagne. Let the day begin in grand style!

Thermal spa Hagymatikum

In the town of Mako is located one of the newer thermal spas – Hagymatikum. The hotel itself is located right by the beach, but not associated by passage. In the hotel you can try out the sauna and massage, a small but well-equipped gym. If you want more – go directly to spa. Immediately after dinner we went to see what’s offered and what is different from the rest. Hotel guests have free access to the spa. Keep in mind that this is one entry per day.

Hagymatikum spa
Hagymatikum spa

A great choice for a night out

In addition to conservation, regulation and the impression that it is really all recent, I was impressed by how much young people I have seen. It seems that the young people of the town came out in the spa center on a Saturday night - isn't it fantastic? As we sat in the warm external thermal pool with medicinal mud from the River Maros, I realized that around me are mostly young people who chat and socialize - as if we were in a club! Spontaneous looks that I noticed among the other guests were entirely sympathetic with the conclusion - how well is to replace the noisy night with an adventure relax with friends! Of course, this does not mean that there is no elderly persons, as well as family men, but only if you go in the evening on weekends (after 20 hours), you can expect this kind of environment. If nothing else, these young people certainly will not have problems with rheumatism.

If you come with children, do not worry - there are playgrounds, animation, and a special section for children with pools and TV room where you can watch cartoons.

The Mako is a peaceful Hungarian place, whose population is trying to make a living in tourism development. They are so trying to animate the visitors, though, in my subjective impression, it's not much to see - an easy walk through the city, ride a bike, walk along the river and a good lunch in a small but cozy Italian restaurant Rocco, right across from the hotel Glorius - you can expect.

Perhaps this is, along with a spa, enough for one weekend?

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