Every year in July, during the four days, since the 2000, in Novi Sad on the phenomenal Petrovaradin fortress, as prestigious award says – the best European music festival, EXIT is being held. Its beginning is related to the famous democratic movements of students and youth in general, built at the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the new millennium. Thus it can be seen that EXIT has not become what it is overnight, but its tradition and success grow from year to year, each representing a sort of victory.

Petrovaradin Fortress
Petrovaradin Fortress

Exit still remains

No doubt the time brought various challenges, as evidenced by the unconfirmed, but very likely, the information that was repeated every year about how the festival will be abolished, there wouldn’t be enough money for his re-financing. However, all that matters is that this festival continues year after year to maintain and develop, raising in one of the most popular and largest music festival in Europe.

Great time for little money

What is good to know it is that Novi Sad in general is low-cost city, and also Exit, although there come lots of rich Englishmen, it is not in the category of expensive festivals. The experiences of people who were already at Exit, show that you can eat a good, hot meal, have a drink and do not spend more than 5-10 dollars. Prices within the festival area are slightly higher than those in the rest of the city, and the festival campsite, but they still should be equal to or even lower than the IN-music.

Payment via OTP cards and cash

It is important here to mention that the payment in the festival area is performed via OTP cards that you raised at the designated places, but do not jump and do not put all dinars on it because you’ll have to pay for food in cash at the Foodland, same if you happen to buy cigarettes. Although you do not like bills and consider them garbage, you should save the bill of the first payment as otherwise you will not be able to re-convert the remaining money (if any, remain) to cash, at the last day of the festival.

Transport in Novi Sad

As for transport, taxis are available at every step and are far cheaper than those in Western Europe. There are also bus lines, a experienced people say that with a little will you could see without too much trouble of the whole city by walking. If you decide on this option, except for the heat, for no other reason, you will not regret it. Novi Sad is a beautiful, peacefu , but at the time of Exit bustling city, full of friendly people to help you out and help you if you need it. So, whichever option you choose, in you are in a win-win situation.

Make sure you are well informed about Exit mobile application

Once settled in, whether in camps or other accommodation, it is good to keep in mind the published timetable and schedule of stages within the festival area. The organization is still half the work! And this is helpful phrase, especially if you consider that you at this year’s Exit waiting fifteen (15!) different stages and various venues rich with exciting activities from seven in the evening until seven o’clock in the morning, offering a rich program. If you use a smart phone, I recommend you to download a free Exit application that is useful for all other information and maps, and delivers a complete schedule of events, and if you want to, they will send to you notice of any major changes or events.

Petrovaradin Fortress
Petrovaradin Fortress

Familiarize yourself with the Exit Rules

So that it won’t happen to have a map, plan, goodwill and standing in line for input, and then BUM, you can´t enter, carefully read the rules of which I will here point out only one that could be problematic. In the festival area you can bring little umbrella that you hopefully will not need, because we will be rewarded with beautiful weather the four sun-drenched day. If you wear contact lenses, you can bring in eye drops, and insulin too and drugs that you need to drink, and for which you have the necessary medical documentation. What you should NOT bring in the festival area are weapons of any kind, illegal drugs, tents (leave your homes in the camp!), food and drink that you purchased outside of the festival area, but also the selfie sticks for photography.

Entry into the festival area

Speaking of rules, it is important to mention the following: the entrance of the festival area is possible between 19:00 and 3:00 pm. Not before and not after! And more importantly, once you enter the festival area from which you can  go out only if you don’t want to return that day. So there is no going to the concert, returning to the camp, going to another concert, returning in front, going to the third concert. Once you decide to go out it should be your final decision, but it is better to be in the early morning hours, because it is never wise to return home in the dark.

Be sure to take the card

This year, the card is provided by OTP Bank; I say this because I’m not sure if it was the case in previous years. You can take the card, of course, at OTP Bank, but also up on the fort – where the lines are much longer and more impatient people, and I would advise you to go to the bank (I have done so). The deposit on the card was $ 2, and the first payment had to be at least $ 5. If you had, as they say, magical OTP card, you’re good. Good in the sense that you have the opportunity to take in the liquid and food in your tired body after al that jumping, dancing and singing. You can add on the card money at any time in the stands at the Petrovaradin fortress.

Cover as many stages

Do not be limited by the Main Stage and MTS Dance Arena ! Mostly the best fun is at some smaller stages. Try to visited as many as possible stages. I’ve had the best time on No Sleep Stage, which was located at the Dance Arena on AS FM and Trans. If I wanted to chill out, I would went to the Reggae Stage where masses of people largely sit on the grass and listen to the beautiful Jamaican note, which is as refreshing after hard stage which plays electronic music. We all want that to be worth our money that we have invested, and you really need to explore and visit as many hidden places. Also, open yourself to new experiences! It provides the easiest spontaneity and flexibility. People from other countries come to Exit, which is a great time to meet new people.

Stop to dust

Dust is, I admit, in the end turned out to be a bigger problem than the crowd and mass hyperactive kids who want to bite the hand (happened to me). Due to the large number of people jumping, playing, running, throwing and other movements, a large amount of dust rises from the ground and at some point it becomes unbearable to breathe. After the third and fourth day I woke up unable to stop coughing.

When I blow my nose on the handkerchief would remain dust, and other abominations. There is a solution for this however, it is not ideal. They are selling scarves and masks for the nose and mouth that are tied around the head, but I’ve heard of a number of people that after just a few minutes with this miracle, becomes too hot and hard to breathe. So, until they find a cost-effective solution for dust (if ever found), choose how you will do it.

Exit from a personal perspective

If you have not visited it so far, it will be something that you have never experienced, but if you had, it will recharging the energy that you once felt, and loved. Without sentimentality it really is like that. I must emphasize that this is a view of a Belgrade man who was at EXIT for the first time went only for one night, due to circumstances that have occurred, but that left it with a sufficient impression that next year come back again, but this time for the whole festival. Probably a lot lies in that special pleasure of leaving from your city and the entire adventure in which socializing and music evolve.

On the first evening, thus approach to the Varadin Bridge, on whose right side is illuminated Petrovaradin fortress which for centuries adorns the left bank of the Danube, some kind of nervousness starts . You are going ti take your bracelet, if you have a ticket for the entire festival, going through several levels of security, topping your "Exit card" with the money for the purchase of drinks, and then the story begins. Although you already have in your head what you want  to listen and see the first evening, you end up usually touring, without the precise destination, this fortress that turn into, in the four hot days in July, a hive of people full of energy.


EXIT Festival

After running from stage to stage, jumping on the dance arena, a few beers or whatever, you figure out that the sun is rising, but  do not give up, until the early morning hours of dancing with DnB on the Main Stage. When it is definitely that you can not stand on your feet, it's time to go towards your camp, apartment, trailer or cottage you rent or own. (TIP - choose cottages from the side of Varadin in the weekend settlement, primarily because of its proximity, and the reason that there is a lot of cheaper accommodations than the one offered in the center of Novi Sad. If you do not already have decided where to spend the night, and go with friends, first try to find rental accommodation from someone you know, so you don't pay more than it is necessary, which at the time of Exit is not uncommon!)

When you sleep that few hours which are necessary, walk back to Novi Sad, and one morning (although it is more realistic to 14h) coffee, will bring you to life and make you full of energy to continue. After  four days spent (or in my case 5 days on Exit: Revolution), you will not want to return to your city, or, at least, you would say: "I'll be back next year!".

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