We know that, depending on whether you go on longer or shorter trip, preparing for the trip and packing presents many problems. Probably each of us has its own system of how to pack for the trip and prepare all the necessary things for certain trips, but for some people this stage really becomes a nightmare and often their seek help of friends or parents. Unlike them, some people (especially those who travel frequently) have their own ways to do that in the simplest and most efficient way.


Well, we provide advices on how to prepare for the trip , from choice of destinations across overlooked weather, to the clothes and hand luggage that you should bring.

The choice of destination

Before package, there is the phase of choosing a destination. Shortly we will look back on this part. The choice can sometimes be really difficult. When it comes to shorter, weekend trips, this phase is not problematic, but when it comes to longer trips and distant destinations, such as summer and winter vacations, depending on to  what group you’re traveling with, it should be reconciled so that everyone could be satisfied with the choice, price, etc. . Basically, there are several criteria on which you get to decide on a specific destination. Of course, always come first things that we would like to see, and when we know what we want and what we don’t want, in accordance with available means, we decide what suits us.


Price and cost of the trip

Usually most people hesitate because of the price and the potential costs, but a plan of the overall budget can save us some time and narrow the choice of potential destinations. Therefore, you should know what do you want to see, with whom and what is your approximate budget. Also, it is preferable to previously well-inform yourself about the area and the agency that you travel with by reading the experiences of travelers who have previously visited that destination and perhaps even describe the content blogs.

Documentation and money for trip

Depending on whether our journey is bound for the country in which we live or abroad, the basic documents that are needed immediately or that we may be required are identity card and driving license (in the country), as well as passport and international driving permit (for journeys abroad). In addition to the basic documentation, what is important is the money. Today, in addition to cash and using cards, sometimes it’s good to have a plan for how you plan to pay while you are traveling, as part of preparations for the journey.

Debit and credit cards

If you are not planning to use the card, perhaps it is better not to bring it with yourself, to avoid the possibility of losing it, or theft of the same. If however you are paying with cards  in general, we should not forget that it would certainly be some places where we will not be able to pay with card, so  you should have enough cash.

Weather at the destination

This is a very important issue from which it depends on what things to pack in a suitcase. Information on current weather conditions, as well as in the coming days the temperature can be very helpful in choosing the wardrobe. Thanks to the Internet we have today possibility to very easy find out about the weather forecast at the destination we are visiting.



Where to get information on the weather conditions

Some of the sites that you can use is the Weather 2 Umbrella or Accu Weather. Each of them has the ability to check the current weather conditions around the world, and there is a possibility to display detailed weather for the next 7 to 10 days. Also, any smart phone that is connected to the Internet can have a some of application through which you can get information on the weather conditions at the destinations that interest you. We recommend mandatory testing day or two before departure to make it easier for preparation and selection of things that are necessary for the trip.

Information about destination

There are various reasons why we travel, some people is going to do something interesting, to see it and experience, others for fun, walking, shopping and so on. If you travel in order to see the sights of a certain area, try the many attractions, it is good to have some of the guides, maps, or any other materials that can help you with getting around and researching. This is especially for travelers who prefer individual trips and who are not accompanied by travel agencies. Also, for those who have an escort, it is good to carry with them some of the materials that will point you to some places that you might want to visit, and the agency with which you go to does not offer it. This does not mean you always and at every trip have to buy guides, books and manuals. On the Internet it is usually possible to find enough information that will serve you to discover what specific destination has to offer.

ChecklistColor Note

Many people when you just mention some lists already make faces and believe that it is just a waste of time. Creating a list of things necessary for the journey really does not have to be that way, and this can be of great help to remember something. Even when you wrote it by yourself,  once made the list can be used for a next trip, we do not have to do it over and over again. Today it is not necessary anymore to write because almost every smartphone has an application containing a check list or similar form to make an appropriate list. One of them is Color Note, which is very simple and easy to use. It may be missing some advanced features, but it is very transparent to store notes, and create checklists.

When you make a check list, they may not be so detailed that they contain every single thing and trifle we bring with us, but one concept (which will only serve as a reminder) can integrate more things that fall into this category. Thus, for example, you do not have to individually write tweezers, nail clippers, powder, etc., but only by writing kit concept, under these involve keeping everything in it, for example. lipstick, mentioned objects, comb, etc. However, if someone happens to often and much forgets, it is still the solution more detailed list of things for the trip. Depending on what are our habits and customs, each of us can do a similar review of some basic necessities, and once made a check list is used for all future trips.

Clothes and shoes

When it comes to shorter distances or short weekend trips, it is usually easily to decide what it is that we need from the wardrobe. Based on the planned activities in the area, we make wardrobe choice that is appropriate for such occasions. If it comes to travel further and stay longer, then often happen situations that we bring much more than what we really need and unreasonably drag a bunch of unnecessary things. To avoid this, one of the proposals is that at least roughly, or perhaps in detail, determine daily combination of wardrobe that we wear while we're on the road. Of course, you should always put some peace of clothes more as a reserve, but this way we can avoid that situation when we get back from the road with half the suitcases of unused and unworn things.

Preparing for the trip by car

Except that you should be familiar with the route to the destination, it is necessary to prepare the car in time to make driving to your destination safe and secure. This refers to the technical inspection of vehicles that are undergoing a planned trip. It is believed that this is the safest way to check that vehicles. When it comes to short trips when you do not get over the border, preparations are usually not as detailed, but we should not forget that it takes each vehicle to certain checks to make your trip safe and comfortable. In addition, each vehicle must have equipment that is required and without which it is not safe to go on a trip. Some of the vehicles have GPS devices, so route to the destination is not a big problem for drivers, but for those who do not have this, it is good to have a road map or a previously informed of at least some essential parts of the route, important turns, intersections, appropriations roads, etc. which will certainly be a relief when you are in unfamiliar territory.

To avoid unpleasant surprises and spare yourself an unnecessary troubles when you're on vacation, it is best to be well organized and on time to prepare what is necessary for the trip. Although it is boring and tedious for some people, going through some sort of check list is very desirable because you should thus minimize the likelihood you forget something "important". It is on you to choose how you will organize and avoid situations that you pull too heavy suitcases full of thing and clothes that you will not even look at while you're on vacation. Take the time to get ready and do not let it become a torture, but enjoy the moments of preparation and selection of things that will allow you to enjoy the next day.

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