Many travel agencies offer very attractive package tours to stay in Egypt, so that booking is very simplified for summer holidays. These are very affordable packages and no matter how much of your budget is available, it is very cost effective compared to how much you get, ie. what can be seen and experienced. It would be definitely the best if you decide to book early enough. We will look at some tips that will definitely facilitate the stay in Egypt, which is good to know before going on holiday.


Arrival in Egypt

When landing on one of the airport, the customs control apply strict rules with respect to alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, and be sure to advise tourists that such products are purchased at the airport. You can buy goods worth $ 200, while bringing funds into the country is not limited. Egyptian Pound (LE) is the official currency in the country.


Egypt Air has developed a network of international and domestic flights, so if you want to visit some distant city and do not want to lose a lot of time in a way, it is sufficient to inform at the timetable and buy ticket. Transportation by taxi is quite affordable and easy way of transport in addition, you can use the buses with guides (sightseeing), or rent a car with a driver or without. In any case, you have a choice.

Weather in Egypt

One of the most important factor because of Egypt was visited by large number of tourists, in addition to the cultural – historical heritage, certainly the air. From March to November was extremely dry and hot weather, and the remaining three months of the year is a bit fresher, and with possibility of raining. Whenever you visit Egypt, you’ll enjoy the temperature difference between day and night are sufficient for short break at night from the heat in the summer months.


It is important to know that the official language is Arabic, but in tourist centers are definitely speaks English. As regards communication, the internet is available in almost all the hotels and urban areas. There are places where photography is forbidden, and pay attention to labels when entering the religious character of the city to avoid an embarrassing situation. Depending on what you need, in Egypt, you can get some goods by very affordable prices. Is is unavoidable, of course, to buy spices and souvenirs, and the best places for that are local markets or smaller shops. Before that, be sure to replace the money in the bank or exchange office, because in such places you can pay in cash only, while in large supermarkets and shopping malls can all pay with card. In shopping malls you can find very cheap leather products, silk and cotton.

Giza Necropolis –Egypt
Giza Necropolis –Egypt

Opening hours and public holidays

Opening hours of the bank is usually 09-14h, except on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays. Most shops work 10-22h, and shopping is usually, due to extreme heat, in the evening.

Public holidays are:

• 07.01. (Coptic / Orthodox Christmas)

• 25.01 (January Revolution Day)

• 25.04. (Sinai Liberation Day)

• 01.05. (Labor Day)

• 18.06. (Republic Day)

• 23.07. (Revolution Day)

• 06.10. (Armed Forces Day).

Pharmacies are often open 24 hours, a well-stocked drugs, and affordable prices. As for the hospital, and health in general, it is good to know that all of this is at a high level.

Nile in Egypt
Nile in Egypt

Preventive vaccination

Before going on holiday, in a precautionary reason, the following vaccinations are recommended:

– Hepatitis A, this vaccination is recommended for all travelers. Hepatitis type A is particularly present in the depressed areas where hygienic conditions are inferior water and beverages.

– Hepatitis B, contagion with this infection is possible during sexual intercourse, contact with blood of an infected person and during surgery in poor hygienic conditions.

– Typhoid, anti-typhoid vaccination is recommended for anyone who is planning a trip to Egypt. Risk of contagion is threatening in remote areas of the country, as well as hotels lower categories

– Vaccination against rabies is recommended to anyone who would possibly come into contact with infected animals.

– The risk of contracting malaria is only in El Faiyum.

Safety in Egypt

Unfortunately in today's highly sensitive topic, everyone always think first about the importance of Middle East and African countries. No one can guarantee that something bad won’t  happen when you are in Cairo, New York, or London, but what is certain is that walk through the streets of Luxor, Alexandria and Cairo will not be at risk, such as walking a world metropolis, because here robbery and theft are very rare. You'll see very often on the streets the police or security, which are at your service for all your concerns, and will explain you in the best way the current situation in the country, and there's really no reason to fear. For women it is desirable that when they are not on the beach are dressed decently. Advice is certainly to avoid mass gatherings, not to visit remote places without guide and create a trip by yourself, and there is no risk for you.


Women in Egypt

Egyptians are family people and are always paying special attention children. Your child will be welcome everywhere you are, make sure it is nothing more and nothing less than what you do at home.

The best advice for your holiday in Egypt is to relax, enjoy all that this beautiful country has to offer, the kindness and respect of the people you meet there, try to use as few phones, and more camera. Try to learn as much as you can about their culture, respect local customs, and keep historical and cultural underwater treasures for future generations!

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