If you find yourself in Prague, besides viewing cultural and historical monuments and imposing architecture, you will probably be wondering where and what to eat. My advice is to take some time to explore the beauty of this city and spend the rest of the day in some of the many restaurants or BREWERY IN PRAGUE, drinking Czech beer and enjoying the tastes of traditional Czech dishes …

Probably at least once you happen to come to a new city and you do not know what to do first, how to start getting to know the new environment. You are wondering whether it is better to go from some striking sights or it may be better to try the typical specialties of that place …

I do not doubt from where to start, because I have a clear goal in my head. I like to start my acquaintance with the new city by trying some tasty, national dishes, and everything else comes by itself. With good food and drink, the mood grows, and then it is getting nicer and easier … If you are a vegetarian, you will not be happy, because most of the traditional dishes are made from meat. Therefore, it is often said that Czech cuisine is a nightmare for vegetarians. However, do not despair, there will definitely be some fruits and vegetables that will help you “soak” the hunger, and you can go to new hikes …

Ahthony Bourdain, a famous American chef, has visited Prague as a result of the encirclement of all meat and chewed cheese, in his show “No Reservations” characterized the Czech Republic as a country in which the vegetables are forgotten. This is also explained by their sympathy for pork, dumplings and sour cabbage. Fresh vegetables, except potatoes and cucumbers, you will rarely find in the menus, and if you ask for it, they will offer mayonnaise or some other dressing.

Sharm of Prague becomes clear if you walk in the old winding city streets to admire the buildings, observe the people and inhale the smells of nearby neighboring restaurants. Here you can eat very cheaply or very expensive. As much as you would pay a meal in neighboring Vienna, you would eat with the whole family for the same money in Prague, if you chose a restaurant.

Especially the daily menu that restaurants offer at lunch time, whose price with soup and main dishes is about 4-6 euros per person. This is the best solution if you have not definitely chosen where and what to eat in Prague.

The most expensive restaurants are also an inevitable phenomenon, especially in the centuries around the Old Square. It would be better for you to walk a few minutes away from the tourist area in order to find a place where you can eat at lower prices.

Typical Czech restaurants


The restaurants recommended by the travel guide are very likely to be good, but still try to get a little wander and find some of your places that you

would talk about. Also, whatever you heard about Czech cuisine in advance, be sure to try it, because in Prague no place will leave you starve.

Looking for original and traditional Czech cuisine, you will surely not make mistakes if you stop at one of the restaurants listed below.

Restaurant Bad Time (Zly Časy)

Such a temple of beer is hard to find, anywhere in the world: you may find a place where you can drink 300 types of beers from around the world, or a place serving one, but a superior beer, but a combination of a beer “archive” and a place that suits solid and unpretentious domestic varieties exist only in hop metropolises such as Prague.

Zly casy
Zly casy

Restaurant Bad Time is located in the part of Prague that is called Nusla and a little further from the center. There was a café Sarajevo at that place, for which good soldier Švejk thought it was the scene of an attack on some kind of fat drunkard Ferdinand. Bad Time has several levels, each of which has its own bottling plant, until the collection of twenty varieties of freshly brewed beers, which change depending on the daily supply, and there are also a couple of hundred species in bottles. Smoking is not allowed here, which is really a great exception for Prague and can ruin a party for someone. Next to the pub, there is also a well equipped beer shop.

Street: Cestmírova 390/5

Restaurant Orchard (U sadu)

This is one of the most pleasant taverns outside the Prague city center, and its position, laid out at the foot of a hammock TV tower and in the immediate vicinity of the metro station. It is very handy for a hasty evening tours. The interior is typical for places of this type, even a bit generic strange, with bikes hanging upside down and other trivia attached to the ceiling and walls, but the offer is remarkable.

From beer, you are looking for a home-made drink, a high-quality blight drink made by this tavern, and you will not regret it if you stay in it for evenings. Food is a standard café – wings / ribs and things like that, and it’s wonderful that the kitchen works for two to three in the morning, and no one will look at you strangely if you show up at half past two in the morning and ask for a large portion of buffalo wings.

Street: Pospíšilova 1528/2

Taverna over Victoria (Hospudka nad Viktorkou)

The writer of these lines started to drink the first drink in Prague, “Beherovka”, which was washed with “pilsner urkel” in this café in Borzivojova street. The Taverna over Victoria is the essential fan café and its existence is related to the Viktorija Žižkov football club, whose stadium is several hundred meters away from this pleasantly wrecked place.

Hospudka nad Viktorkou
Hospudka nad Viktorkou

The beer is, like any you will get in Prague, fresh and crystal clear taste. Evening snack is simple, and you can basically get “utopence”, hot dogs in brine – it sounds nasty, but it’s delicious, hot dogs are sour, and comes along with rings of red onion and other vegetables from brine – and “bramborake”, aromatic pancakes made of potatoes.

Street: Borivojova 785/79

Restaurant “U Houdku”

We are still on Borivojova Street, and a serious bohem can comfortably limit their visit Prague to  this beautiful and long street, rich in bars. The restaurant “In Houdek” is a true local institution, with an interior that evokes memories of pre-war time, and a menu that is now adjusted to the gentle little spoiled consumer.

Here you can order traditional rhubarb, noodles and other heavy, homemade items, as well as meals with Mexican as well as Asian “tweed”. Beer is a “velikopopovički kozel”, bright or, if you like, a dark lager, and since a few years ago, the “burch”, a damned, deadly young wine that will be mentioned a little later.

The main thing with Czech restaurants is that they are very lively places, and those like “In Houdek” are very often full. If you see that all tables are busy, do not hesitate to join the six-seat table for the two older gentlemen, and ask them if you can join them. It’s completely normal here.

Street: Borivojova 785/79

Restaurant bill

The concept of a fiscal account in Czech localities did not come to life, and the bill comes in the form of papers with superficial items. Beyond the tourist zone that covers the old city core and the city’s main square, there is little chance that someone will try to “trick you”, and the scams are not particularly terrible in the center. Restaurants generally offer beer at very low prices, so for less than one and a half euro you can get cold keg and in most places around the tourist zone.

Smoking in all restaurants in the Czech Republic since 1.6.2017 is forbidden.

Beware of cheater

The problem arises after lunch in restaurants for tourists. Many such restaurants pay more attention to the cheating of inexperienced visitors than to the quality of food. Calculate dishes that visitors have not ordered or charged at higher prices than those on the menu. Refuse any menu without exact prices. Check out the account, look at all the items and of course count the change that is returned to you.

Do not let them to put on a hundred things you do not want – a basket of bread, snacks and the like. Give the tip as much as you think it should be in line with the service you received, not taking into account the harassment of the waitress that the service charge is not counted, and that  he should live from something, and so on. Do not be too compassionate, from Prague waiter is expected to bring beers one by one and be inconspicuous, but at the guest’s disposal, and help them maintain a high level of service.


If you do not have a lot of time for restaurants and you do not know where to eat and what to eat, it's a great way to visit one of the many express restaurants. In my opinion, this is the best and cheapest way to eat in Prague.There is no so many expres restaurants around the center, they are located in each of the mall on the last floor. The selection of dishes is really great, from classical Czech cuisine, through Arabic, Chinese, Pakistani, Italian, to Mc Donalds and KFC.


As I said, most express restaurants are located in shopping malls. Shopping malls are located near the center of some of the major metro stations. Just find out the name of the station where you need to go out and you can not miss it. To each of them goes a metro in a few minutes, it's a couple of stations from the center. Each of these shopping centers has a garage in the basement, there is a supermarket on the ground floor, several floors with boutiques are above it, while at the last floor is located a children's corner and express restaurants, there are usually 6-7 in each of them. For your simpler orientation, I'll put in a couple of shopping centers and where they are.

  • FLORA (this is the green line A and the station is called Flora),
  • SMICHOV (it's a yellow line B and the station is called Andel),
  • Pankrac (this is the red line C and the station is called Pankrac),
  • Chodes (this is the red line C and the station is called Chodov),
  • Install Republiky (it is a yellow line B and the station is called Namesti Republiky)


Prices range from 3 - 6 euros per portion. The cheapest ones are steak or chicken meat while the most expensive is fish.

What to eat at Express Restaurants

I have already mentioned in the introduction that the selection of meals is really good. It can be said that something can be found there for everyone (hot dishes, pasta, vegetarian dishes, national cuisines ...). The portions are not large, but are therefore delicious and dishes are made of fresh foods.

Traditional Czech cuisine

Meat - the main ingredient of every meal: Traditional Czech cuisine, based on various meat specialties. The most famous Czech specialties are Prague knuckle, dumplings, goulash, various types of salted cakes and sausages.

The dishes are rather greasy and spicy and predominantly made of pork, chicken, and also rabbit. Vegetables are indispensable, especially potato, which is used almost everywhere. However, although food is full of cholesterol, you will not resist it, and with a beer, yoz won’t feel the fat ...

The influence of neighboring countries: The Czech cuisine has gained a lot from neighboring countries, as well as from the people who ruled over its territories, and is therefore quite diverse. It is customary to add sugar to the food, especially salads. It may sound a little unusual, but tasty ... Between meals, as a snack, you can try cheese, which is recognizable by its aroma and perfectly fits with beer, onion and bread.

Shwake’s paths: A deep quest for "Shwake’s paths" reveals taverns, or "restaurants" where real Prague life takes place, with simple pleasures such as the evening gambrinus kernel or pilsner urkel, with simple Czech "beer" and conversation about the essence of life. And all that costs surprisingly little, even for guests with a thin wallet.

Prague knuckle: A famous Prague knucle, one of the favorite dishes that rarely can resist without trying. Knuckle - juicy soft meat that is slightly separated from the bone is often prepared in dark beer to get a sweet taste. It works with cold dark beer, which is of course the perfect combination. And you can get with it some pretzles, ketchup or mayonnais.

The food you have to try in Prague

The Czech Republic is not very well known as the top European gastronomic destination. Okay, there is no doubt that you will go to Prague to have a delicious Czech beer, but when it comes to Czech cuisine, we do not remember much more than grilled sausages. However, there are plenty of delicious dishes that you should try in the Czech Republic. Some of the food is in the fast food stage and there are numerous fast food stands and kiosks in Prague, while some of them you have to try in the restaurants.

Trdelnik (Trdlo)

For a relaxed reading of recommendations, my suggestions simply have to start with one sweet specialty. It is Trdelnik or Trdlo as it is called, which, although not originally Czech candy, is definitely the most popular dish on Czech streets, next to sausages and all known pancakes. Trdelnik is a cake/sweets made from an sour dough by rolling in onto the stick and then baking on a direct fire until you get a delicious golden brown color.



Once it is baked, the trdelink can be either covered or fill literally with whatever you want. I recommend that you first eat an empty powdered sugar trdelnik in order to feel the real taste of this Czech delicacy. After that, add the ingredients to your taste, and most often eat only crumbly walnuts and powdered sugar. Still, Nutela has been popular in the Czech Republic just like anywhere else in the world, and so there is Nutela trdelnik, too, which is very popular. The price for 1 trdlo is about 40 crowns, while the filled trdlo costs up to 120 crowns.

Grilled Sausages - Vaclav sausages

Of course, this delicious treat is accompanied by well-known Czech sausages sold at booths, literally all over Prague! However, the most popular place for grilled sausages in Prague is on the square of the Vaclavska Namesta. It's right here that you can eat popular Vaclav sausages that you can get in a bowl and dough, and you can add attachments according to taste. Of course, the mustard is traditionally well-suited with grilled sausages.


Vaclav sausages

Sausages are good if you want to eat something on foot, while you are walking. They are very greasy and have a lot of onions, so they are recommended in combination with beer (like most Czech dishes).

Grilled sausages are, therefore, beside numerous booths, made and served in the comfortable corner of Prague's beer huts! When you're already on beer, save yourself a place for delicious Valcav sausages! They are sold in kiosks at a price of 2-3 euros.

The Honey Cake

If you decide to relax from the sightseeing of Prague, and get warm for a little while and sit at a coffee in a cafe or pastry shop, we can not recommend you anything better than this. You must try The Honey Cake and sweeten the coffee. In each pastry shop you will also find a variety of small Czech cakes and tea cookies, with a large selection of cakes, but when you are already sitting in a Prague cafe or pastry shop, eat the right thing!

The Honey Cake can seem to remind you of the Reform cake, but it is a cake with many layers of coated honey and hazelnut. Can it be better? I would recommend you to try this cake in the Good Kiosk Cafe

Czech hot dog

What is HOT-DOG for New York and the rest of the world, it's "Párek v rohlíku" for Prague. Although you can come across a multitude of booths with cooked sausages, ie. Hot dogs, most tourists decide to try Czech sausages. The reason for this is probably that hot dogs are not a trademark of Prague, as is the case with sausages. I leave you to evaluate what you would eat more, but it is not a waste to try hot dogs in a Czech way with ketchup or mustard. The most popular hot dog stands are Euro Hot Dog stands throughout the city.

Veal in sauce with sour cream and cranberries (Svíčková na smetaně)

However, if you are thinking of going to a Prague restaurant, then it is time to mention some serious, famous boiled Czech dishes! The thing that can rightly be called Czech, which we highly recommend to try is "Svičkova on cream" (veal in a sauce with a sour cream).



It's beef meat in a sauce made of sour cream, with delicious dumplings. Still, this is a clot version, because many Czechs like to add cream and blueberries to the mix. Yes, that's exactly why I have mentioned the basis of the meal, because not everyone like to mix sweet and savory tastes. However, if you are a fan of this, I definitely suggest that you try the usual version of Svičkova on cream, but also the addition of whipped cream and blueberries. Bon appetit!


Yes, I agree that Gulash is not Czech food. Nevertheless, Gulash is popular throughout Central Europe, so it is to be expected that the Czechs have their own kind of goulash. If you go to a restaurant in Prague and want some famous taste, in a slightly different way, then you definitely should try the Czech goulash. It is cooked here with slightly less vegetables than in Hungary, but with more meat. By some rule, the bovine goulash is usually cooked, but you can run into a pork or chicken variant.



Czech Fried cheese

For the end I left a dish that I like to eat at home, but it's harder to find it in the form of fast food. That's precisely why I suggest you to try the tasty Czech Fried Cheese. Of course, as each nation adds some of its elements to its cuisine, so is the taste of the fried cheese in the Czech Republic different.

Even junk food kiosks in Prague serve a fried cheese with all french fries, salad or bread, so you can very conveniently get a complete and delicious meal. Warm cheese and crispy crust of tasty cheese, how not to like this dish?

Traditional Czech drinks


Beside the beer, there is a traditional Czech herbal liquor. It was first made in 1805 in Karlovy Vary, when it was first compiled by Jan Becher. Today only two people know a secret recipe for Beherovka production. It consists of a specific mix of herbs and spices, more precisely about 21 kinds of medicinal herbs, and contains water from Karlovy Vary. Due to its very good medicinal properties, it is suitable for stomach problems. Otherwise you can buy Beherovka in every market in Prague, but it is recommended that you do it in Karlovy Vary because it is a better price. Around 6 euros cost half a liter of bottles.

In the end, you can sweeten yourself with the main dishes of the Czech cuisine, such as strudel or dumplings stuffed with fruit. We are sure it is a real hit and pleasure.

The wine that ferment in you

If you find yourself in the autumn near Žižkova, you may happen to "pinch" an event from which you will probably get drunk to blindness. The fresco of the young wine, which is here a milk-opal color called "burch", takes place on the square next to the metro station "Jirzhiho with Podbebrand", in the shadow of one of the most unusual churches in Prague, the temple of the Most Holy Heart of Jesus.

"Burchak" is sold at stands presenting winemakers from all over the country (yes, Czechs make wine, too, and it's quite solid, but for some reason they do not brag about it), and serves without any ceremony: you can buy a glass, or plastic bottle of liter or even two liters. The wine has a taste of juices, with about 5 percent alcohol, and in itself hides a double scam: the first is the taste, which mask the alcohol, and the other is that this wine is still "alive" while you drink it, and continues to ferment in your stomach, Boosting the alcohol content while you are in the cervix. The hangovers are a hellish experience.


Opinions are divided on the Czech version of the cola. Czech cola known as Kofol can be found in almost all cafes in Prague. The locals love it, while the tourists like it a little less. We will not say not to try it, but for some visitors it tasted like the detergent. Is it possible to make a correlation with our "yellow" and "black" juice, I let you to estimate.

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