Slovenian spas have something different, especially when it is about wellness and spa centers. Okay, that’s what I can say, and I can only hope that you would trust my words. But you must be wondering why the spa in Slovenia is so different and popular? How easy is the question, that extensive is the answer. Well for starter let’s just say that decorated wellness centers, in which investments have been made for years, annually were visited by many tourists from all over Europe, in addition to regular guests from Austria and Italy. We wonder, with so many thermal springs and tourism potential that we almost do not know where to go first. They are fantastically decorated, in the heart of the idyllic preserved nature with excellent hotel service and rich content. That is the place where all your senses relax and the body recovers. So how bad can you be if after the relaxing thermal pools, massage and a good night sleep, with a hearty breakfast in buffet style and you can get a superb sparkling wine? Yeah, enjoying the wellness and spa arrangements that  are offered in Slovenia, is such a pleasure.

Why visit a spa in Slovenia?

Slovenia is a nice compact country. Everything is far away enough to make it diverse, yet close enough for one or two hours drive to each destination. Spas are in most cases isolated for privacy, and account for less complexes of objects from several hotel and wellness & spa centers. Even though not all hotels are partner-character, almost all the hotels cooperate and have hallways for the comfort of guests that connect them. All this is so you do not have to be cold while you are going from one to another wellness center. As you are in the heart of nature with all the amenities aimed at your pleasure, you will have a feeling that you are alone with beautiful nature and maximum enjoyment. Although some hotels or spa pools may look more luxurious than the other, it absolutely does not mean that the quality of services and wellness center is lower than elsewhere.

Beautiful I preserved nature

Slovenian spas are located in the heart of the natural beauty, which are practically on every corner, and I have to mention the beautiful Lake Bled and Bohinj, or the beautiful little village Olimje near namesake spas, and also cultural and historical attractions such as medieval castles and the old parts of the city, what has the oldest town in Slovenia – Ptuj.

I should mention the clean air created by specific geographical features where the entire territory of Slovenia alternates hilly and mountainous relief with plains and lush forests. Should I mention that in Slovenia is the highest mountain peak of the former Yugoslavia, many ski resorts and ski centers. You will not come in Slovenia for crazy nightlife. For this, other European destinations are charged. On the contrary, Slovenia is going for a complete pleasure for the senses, both in terms of natural beauty that you can visit, as well as in terms of delicious food, tasting unique varieties of wine and of course wellness enjoyment in the untouched nature.

In addition to spa and wellness enjoyment, it provides fantastic thermal pools with hydro massage, hot tubs and saunas, nature in Slovenia that we have already mentioned, the opportunity to complete their hedonistic experience in a different way. Discover Slovenia through its wines in which Slovenians invest a lot in recent years.

Top Slovenian spas and wellness centers

Spa Olimia

Spa Olimia is definitely the most fascinating thermal pool complex in Slovenia. Made up of several hotels (hotel Breza *** luxurious hotel Sotelia ****) and apartment accommodation. The big advantage is its good position, because it is located next to the Croatian border, so if you are visiting Zagorje, in no time you can arrive at a comfortable overnight stay at Spa Olimia. Hotel Sotelia is a true romantic paradise for couples. Here rarely come families with young children, because you will not encounter slides and other attractions that kids love.

Spa Olimia
Spa Olimia

What has impressed us the most convincingly, in addition to the aforementioned hotel Sotelia in which you will have the impression that the in the room and bathroom is a real spa experience for yourself, is – wellness & spa center Orhidelia. It is this complex that is perfectly networked with underground hallways, which are well marked, so without any problem, just in our robe, we came to all amenities of Spa Olimia, the massage room and sauna, but also more importantly the thermal pools, a paradise for the senses and body. We advise you not to waste a moment, and to immediately go for a swimming these pools, as soon as you check in and take bracelets for the use of hotel facilities.

Spa Zrece

As we have visited Olimia expectation were at a really high level. however, every Slovenian Spa has its own advantages and disadvantages. Starting from its healing character to the diversity of content in the vicinity, including the quality of wellness and spa center. This time we headed to north from Spa Ilimia and arrived at the foot of Rogle in Spa Zrece. One of the main advantages of Spa Zece is the possibility to combine holidays. specifically, as it is located just around 30 minutes drive from the ski center Rogla, Spa Zrece is perfect place for you to combine skiing on Mount Rogla, and spa experience at the spa.

Spa Zrece
Spa Zrece

A good choice would be the HOTEL ATRIUM. Hotel has a modern rooms with bathrooms, interesting for all couples, as part of your room. Of course, these are counted on couples who came here on a romantic holiday, but would be interesting to see whether the response to this pensioners nice addition, since most of them have off-season. In the lobby of the Atrium even organized a relaxing evening of acoustic gigs for guests.

Spa Lasko

Next spa that we recommend, are spa Lasko, or their official name: “Thermana Lasko”. Lasko is amazing! In addition to that the hotel looks impressive, of course that we are more interested in the ultimate wellness and spa within the hotel, in which you can get a massage, drive, but also you can relax. The roof of the fantastic thermal pool is opened, if necessary, so in the summer you can enjoy the view of the stars, and even in winter emerge into the open part of the pool in which you will not be cold because the temperature of the thermal water is extremely high.


Spa Lasko
Spa Lasko

Modernly decorated hotel, may even remind you of a large shopping center, with great service, luxurious restaurant and a delicious dinner and breakfast type buffet. Because of the smell, you simply will not know which way to go, but the price of drinks in the hotel were surprisingly acceptable, so for one deciliter of local wine should allocate only one euro.

After such treatment, there is no way that you don’t feel reborn. I hope that I have brought you closer to a spa in Slovenia and inspire you to try what the Slovenian spas have to offer.

Roman spa

Another spa in Slovenia that we gladly recommend, definitely is the Roman Spa. They are named after what were known in Roman times, a pleasant thermal water with a depth of over 1,000 m, rises to the surface at the entry into the hotel complex. The fountain in the Roman style really gives the impression of times gone past, and modern designed hotel offers a cozy contrast. However, the hallways of the hotel will associate to the Romans because along the same hallways you can come across numerous Roman sayings written in Latin. The walk to the pool through Sophie and Old Palace certainly will not be boring.


Roman Spa

Roman Spa is designed for couples, but most for business users due to the fact that here is very successfully developing conference tourism. In addition to the conference rooms, there is a luxury restaurant, but also everything that once a business visitor could need. In addition to wellness that provides rest and relaxation, there is a top-notch gym with instructors, unique pool in ancient Roman style, or even a beauty and hair salon. What more one can ask? Nothing much, but all of it is framed in a beautiful mountainous setting spicy scent of pine forest.

As the main railway line in Slovenia passes beneath the thermal baths, in no time to the nearby Lasko and other cities such as Celje, Maribor, Trieste and others, can be reached by train, and taxi transportation. Suppose that the price of the train to the nearby Celje cost only 1.5 euros, while for the taxi you should have between 12 and 15 euros.

Visitors who come to Rome Spa by own transportation, have a guaranteed parking space at up to 9 levels of underground garage. It is recommended to visit the Logar Valley, if you are coming by car.

Rules conduct in wellness and spa centers in Slovenia

Slovenians are much more relaxed when it comes to the human body and nudity. Do not be surprised if you animators in the saunas, which have the best wellness and spa centers in Slovenia,  order that you must remove your swimsuit and to stay completely naked. Independently of the sex and age, culture and behavior in saunas in Slovenia it requires that guests be naked and possibly covered with a towel.

This may be unusual for the  guests who come from conservative backgrounds, so please note in advance to get ready for this experience, if you plan to, beside the thermal pools with hydro massage, go to the sauna treatment. However, it is only nature, nothing more, try to relax and not think about anything except your own relaxation. Surely you will not have problems.

However, swimming pools and wellness centers with thermal waters do not require you to be naked, but it was related solely to the sauna. Also, we advise you to follow these instructions of  professionals on how many minutes you should spend in the sauna, as well as alternating rhythm of swimming in the pool. Professionals certainly know best what is good for your body.

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